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  1. S

    Scared that my answer was wrong

    Hello everyone, I am from Mongolia. Last Thursday I went in for the Service Academy nomination interview. All in all, I think the interview went well. I drew from my past experience as an enlisted soldier and answered all of the questions fairly well. However, since going into the interview, I...
  2. blueskies18


    So I had a quick question about the vice-presidential nomination and I wondered if anyone knew a bit about it. I am living in Canada currently, but I am an American citizen, is there any way I can use my parent's past residency as a location to apply for a congressional nomination, or does it...
  3. blueskies18

    USAFA Application

    I am currently a grade 11 student (a junior), studying in Toronto, Canada, as an American citizen (dual citizenship). I am starting to think seriously about applications for next year, and was wondering if anyone had any advice. In terms of the fitness, I also needed some tips on how I could...
  4. THmom

    HMS vs HUD

    For getting an AJROTC nom for USAFA, does the "honor military school" mean the JROTC unit must be at least an honor unit or must it be an honor unit with distinction in order to request nom in this category? Can an applicant (deemed competitive) request said nom once the prelim app is done or...