1. liberty18

    Virtual Interview Tips?

    Interviews have always been fairly simple for me. I enjoy talking to adults and I'd say I have great communication and interpersonal skills. However, two of my nomination interviews were over zoom and didn't go as amazing as I had hoped. I found myself getting abnormally nervous, hesitating and...
  2. M

    Waiting list

    How exactly does one get put onto the waiting list? And is the waiting list for kids that don’t have a nomination?
  3. M


    Over the summer I was on a West Point tour and I spoke to a captain. He told me that even if you don’t get a nomination they will “find one” for you if you cannot get one, how common is that?
  4. A

    Update — LOA/No Nom

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great Friday. I was about to call the admissions office a couple of minutes ago to get an update on my admission status. Instead, I checked my portal and I saw that I received the VP nomination this morning! I’m so beyond excited. Thank you to everyone...
  5. A

    Other Possible Nomination Sources

    Hi all! I have an LOA for USNA but no nomination. I was just wondering if there were ANY other possible nom sources as of now other than VP, which I already applied for. Is it still possible to receive a nomination followed by an appointment by other any sources? Thank you in advance!
  6. usnagrad1988

    How exactly to the "national" nominations work?

    I was recruited to play football for Navy back in 1983 and went to NAPS, so no nomination was needed, and graduated in 1988. My son applied to USNA this year and like everyone else we are going to the mailbox in anticipation daily between now and the end of March. MY QUESTION centers around...