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    VP Nomination Application Confirmation?

    Hello, Yesterday I submitted my application for the Vice Presidential Nomination and never got a confirmation email of any sort. I got a little pop up that said "thank you for submitting" and it just refreshed the page. Since every other nomination source has sent out a confirmation email I...
  2. B

    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Has anybody received any form of confirmation of receipt of their packets from either of the Ca senators? I have sent mine over a month ago and just now heard back from Harris, still no word on Feinstein. I know they are supposed to send the post card one includes in their packet, but I still...
  3. E

    Help on Essays

    I'm currently in the process of beginning to write my essays for nomination applications. Are there any specific things I should/shouldn't mention in my essays? I'll also take any other advice anyone has to offer about essays and nomination applications in general.
  4. Beter

    Nominations essay

    how do you guys think this will do in the ”why do you want to go to a service academy” question on the nomination forms I see The USMA as an unparalleled opportunity at education and service, the reputation of West Point is enough by itself to entice hard workers and high achievers who desire...
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    Nominations not in time

    My son got a call from Congress man asking why he hasn’t applied for academy? But we didn’t know he got nominated. He tried calling and emailed to follow up after interview but we never got any response back until today and Air Force Academy application deadline was Jan 6th and she mentioned he...