1. SeanBrom

    Moving states while in congressional nomination process?

    I have submitted my Nomination applications to both my Senators and my congressman in the state of Illinois. But due to relocation of my father's job, our family has moved to Nevada. I have not yet gotten a Nevada license, but I am unsure if living here from here on out takes me out of the...
  2. U

    Questions about Congressional Nominations

    So I've heard there there are 3 ways for MOC to make nominations to the USNA: 1. There's a principal nominee who the USNA has to admit into the academy if they meet the requirements 2. There's a principal nominee and all the other nominees are ranked in order of preference 3. All nominees are...
  3. Maplerock

    No more Principal Nominations.

    It is time to eliminate principal nominations from Members of Congress. The subjective nature of them is grossly unfair to other applicants. It doesn’t eliminate the possibility of them gaining admission, but it surely restricts their path. If you search principal nomination (PNoms) on this...