1. B

    Shellfish allergy DQ for nrotc - is there anything I can do?

    I was awarded an NROTC scholarship earlier this year but was medically disqualified for a shellfish allergy. My dodmerb exam doctor wrote on the exam packet that my allergy was a non-issue but I was still disqualified anyway. A little about my allergy: - I have had ~2 reactions to eating...
  2. liberty18

    NROTC Nursing

    In addition to SE, I'm looking at applying for the NROTC nursing scholarship. The list of schools on the website is fairly small, and a lot of them are cross-town affiliates which for me isn't really ideal. Which schools for NROTC nursing would be considered top contenders, and does anyone have...
  3. G

    Sea Trials Pacific North West

    Has anyone received official word on whether PNW S/T has been cancelled?
  4. abbyad01


    I was a recipient of the 2019 nrotc marine option 4 year scholarship. I was awarded the scholarship during the second board review in March 2019. I was declined for the first board that takes place around late November - early December. This post will be for information that I wish I knew while...
  5. J

    NROTC 4-year scholarship as college programmer

    I’m currently a college programmer in a NROTC unit, and I applied for the 4- year scholarship last semester. A lot of other people in my unit have already heard back from the board on their results, but I have not. Mine still says “no decision has been made” Any idea as to when I will most...
  6. CalebK

    Can't Find NROTC Application Page

    I keep going to the apply page of the NROTC website and it says that the 2019 application opened on April 1st. However, I cannot find the application page anywhere. Is there another way to access the application or has the Navy just not opened it yet.
  7. J

    Choosing a major for NROTC

    I have already submitted my NROTC application, but I am in the process of re-ranking my schools and selecting a different major. However, I am having a lot of trouble deciding on a major. Math is not my strength, but I am still relatively good. I am afraid choose an engineering, because of all...