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  1. JohnMcLane

    New Student Indoctrination and unit arrival questions NROTC NSI

    DS heads to NSI this summer. I could find no packing list other than "wear a polo shirt and khakis, have an approved govt ID, copies of orders, and don't bring anything except $300 to buy toiletries so everyone will have the same toiletries." This is from the NROTC NSI information page. I...
  2. amc

    NROTC NSI Assignments 2021

    Hello there Since the 2021 NSI details have been released, I am posting this to ask if anyone has received the dates that they are going to New Student Indoctrination. Does anyone know how we receive the dates that we will go? I am very much excited for this opportunity!!
  3. abbyad01


    I was awarded the 4 year NROTC MO Scholarship and I am out here looking for any more information on what to expect for the upcoming New Student Indoctrination. I have been assigned to the first cycle (July 2-22). My assigned school is the University of North Florida, but my NROTC Unit is through...