1. C

    NROTC Tier 3 Major

    Has anyone ever gotten a NROTC scholarship with a tier 3 major. I was wondering if anyone could look at my stats and tell me if there is a good chance I will get the NROTC scholarship. I already know that 85% of the scholarships go to tier 1 and 2 majors. I am hoping o get selected so I can...
  2. Paddyb98

    Help with parents please?

    Good Evening all, I have been on this forum for some time, but this is my first post. I was a candidate for the USNA class of '21, but in March I got my TWE email. My parents were a little hesitant about my decision to pursue the Naval Academy, and I suspect they were secretly relieved when I...
  3. R

    Need ROTC Scholarship Tips and Recommendations

    Trying for AROTC or NROTC (Currently a Junior) Aspiring Major: Aeronautical Engineering GPA: 3.6/3.76 SAT: 1230 630M 600CR (Retaking) ACT: Taking in June Class Rank: Top 25% Classes: Honors and AP Sports: None which is my biggest weakness in the application. 1 Varsity Letter from Drill Team...
  4. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC College Programmer

    After not receiving the scholarship this year, I have decided continuing pursue either a 3 year scholarship, either at my first or second choice. When you join the college program, does anyone know if you have to immediately choose between Navy or Marine option? Or do you only choose once you...
  5. H

    NROTC Nominations

    If I am a NROTC Midshipman seeking to reapply to a service academy, would I be able to receive a nomination to USMA or USAFA from my NROTC commanding officer? Or am I solely able to receive a nomination to USNA?
  6. M

    Can NROTC student reapply to USNA?

    My DD was 'turned down' on her USNA application last week, but has accepted 4 year NROTC scholarship. Her BGO mentioned that she may not be able to re-apply to the Academy as an NROTC student because there is a chance that the unit may not be willing to release her? Is this something unit...
  7. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC Navy Option Notified

    I just checked the portal this morning, and I was not awarded the scholarship. I was rather surprised considering my credentials: 700 SAT equivalents on both sections, 3.9 GPA, 3 AP classes (all other classes were honors), very impressive results on my AFA, and I was admitted into both my #1...
  8. wbs16

    Wait listed at first-choice NROTC school

    I have received a four year NROTC scholarship at my first choice school, however I have been waitlisted at that school. Is there anything I can do to reach out to the school that might help me get my acceptance? Or should I begin the process of transferring my scholarship to another NROTC Unit...
  9. JGreenberg1191

    Random Question about NROTC Application

    When one applies for NROTC (I know this is true for Navy but I'm not sure about Marine option), they select their desired job (for lack of a better word) in the Navy upon commission (submarines, special warfare, aviation, etc.) They are also asked to write a short essay about why they selected...
  10. JGreenberg1191

    Questions about NROTC from a newbie

    Greetings! I am new to the forum and I have a number of questions/concerns about my NROTC application. I submitted my application for NROTC Navy option in late September (of 2016) and I selected a tier 3 major. A classmate of mine finished his application around the same time, but heard back...
  11. M

    NROTC major question

    DD was awarded NROTC scholarship and the unit was transferred to a great engineering school, however my concern is that perhaps she should consider changing her major (she has to do so before entering the university and get approval from the school) to a 'lesser' science [my perception of...
  12. N


    I was recently accepted into Boston College and I was completely shocked at the acceptance. I was so sure that I was going to rejected (because of my low SAT scores) that I took BC off my first place position in terms of ROTC schools. Should I email NROTC and request that BC is top on my list...
  13. N

    NROTC 2017

    Hello all, Would anyone let me know if they see a portal change on their scholarship info page during this month and april? Just want to make sure I'm up to date and also when to check my portal for an update. Thanks!
  14. N

    NROTC Test Scores

    On my scholarship status portal the selection status has just changed to "No decision had been made" today. Is it like this for anyone else (just changed today I mean) Also, it has my math score as 760 and reading as 750. I honestly don't remember my scores being these. Do I need to contact...
  15. N

    NROTC Scholarship Not MO vs MO Question

    Hey all, If I receive the NROTC scholarship for the Navy and switched over to the Marine Option during school, would the scholarship transfer too or would it be canceled? I believe that I have a much stronger chance to receive the Navy scholarship compared to the Marine Corps scholarship, and...
  16. N

    NROTC 2017 Scholarsip Chances

    Hey all, I was just wondering what my scholarship chances are. I find out next month if I receive one, but I'm checking the portal every 10 minutes so I thought I'd ask. Sat: 1490/1600 Gpa uw: 3.6 Class rank: 5/46 PFT: 55 pushups, 89 situps, 8:12 run(eh) Mixed athletics, namely MMA fighting for...
  17. Q

    Dating/Marriage within an NROTC unit.

    I was wondering what the UCMJ rules are with dating another Midshipmen of the same rank within your NROTC unit. I have been looking all over for an answer, and cannot get a straight forward answer. We will be commissioning/graduating at the same time, but will not be assigned to the same job or...
  18. R

    Varsity Letters through JROTC and Scholarship Chances

    I have received a varsity letter through jrotc drill and rifle team. Will they count as sports or as extracurricular activities? With that being said do I have any chance towards getting an AROTC or NROTC scholarship? Currently a high school junior Aspiring Major: Aeronautical Engineering GPA...
  19. N

    USNA vs. NROTC Nursing

    Hi all, I am aware that these are two very different programs, but I just wanted to know regarding the quality of life of both programs and what you believe are the benefits/drawbacks of each. Just some background - I want to be a naval officer. After my commission at USNA (if I get in), I was...
  20. HoroshaAK

    NROTC Status

    (As always, I hope I break no rules with this post and apologies if I do.) Recently, I have seen on the general ROTC forum that applicants to scholarships are seeing different statuses on their scholarship application portal. I have seen terms such as "boarded" and wonder if these are the same...