1. S

    Nuclear Reactor Engineer: NROTC, NUPOC, or Both?

    Hello. Great site, lots of good info. I don't think the below has been asked, given my (poor?) usage of the 'Search' function. If so, feel free to point me to an existing thread. My high school senior daughter is an inspiring nuclear engineer and military officer, in that order. Until...
  2. B

    Best major for Nuclear Power School

    I am a future midshipman who wants to become a career SWO(N) officer. I originally planned on majoring in Nuclear Engineering (I desire something that is theoretical/requires imagination and involves a lot of chemistry), but I want to open my eyes to other, possibly better, options. I want a...
  3. B

    What is the difference between a Naval Reactors Engineer and a Submarine/SWO(N) officer?

    I am an aspiring Naval Nuclear Officer, but I am trying to differentiate the difference between two of the naval nuclear officer jobs listed on the US Navy's website.
  4. B

    How to prepare for nuclear power school? How much would a nuclear engineering degree from Annapolis help?

    I am a future SWO(N) officer who is attending USNA, and I'm wondering how I can prepare for Power School (all 3 stages).
  5. N

    Reason Behind NROTC Calculus&Physics Requirement?

    Hello all, The title here is fairly self-explanatory. I am a NROTC midshipman in his second year, on a 4-year scholarship contract. As someone who is not the greatest at math and science (read: calculus and calculus-based physics), I am quite worried about how NROTC will play out. My question...
  6. L

    Life after your first 5 years of active duty

    I'm currently in application process for the USMA, and am wondering what kind of choices and opportunities would lie ahead of me after your 5 years of active duty. I plan on majoring in chemical or nuclear engineering, and would love to enlist in the Corps of Engineers or the Chemical Corps...
  7. W

    Nuke vs Nrotc

    I am currently a senior in high school. I have a 95 on my asvab, and I'm qualified for the nuke program. I also submitted a non-binding acceptance of a 4yr NROTC scholarship to Virginia Tech. I'm trying to make a decision between enlisting or going to school. I know that the navy nuke program...
  8. ET3toMid

    Enlistment bonus not being paid?

    I am currently about to graduate NAPS. A fight I've been having with admin all year is the payment of an enlistment bonus the Nuclear power program pays you upon graduation from power school. This is about $3,000, and in my enlistment contract says it is to be paid "upon completion of nuclear...
  9. B

    Alternative to ROTC/USNA: Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC)

    Hi all, I'm a 2010 USNA Graduate and submarine officer who manages NUPOC Accessions for the Navy. NUPOC is an alternative commissioning source to ROTC and USNA that functions quite differently and focuses on engineers and other STEM majors (predominantly, but not exclusively). The program...
  10. H

    Intended Major not offered by colleges?

    Hello, I'm in the process of finishing my NROTC application. I picked Nuclear Engineering as my intended major. I just have one question: What if the colleges I picked do not offer Nuclear Engineering? Only my 1st choice college offers that major. The rest of the colleges do not. Can I still...
  11. ET3toMid

    Test your Navy Knowledge (and help a midshipman candidate)

    *from priors at naps before the directs have arrived* Between musters several enlisted nukes and I have come up with questions nobody seems to have the answers to. 1) would a nuke that enlisted in (say) October 2014 wear the good conduct medal when he goes to USNA? What enlisted time "counts"...
  12. ET3toMid

    Thinking too far ahead?

    Brief explanation before the main question: I was attending enlisted Nuclear Power School when I applied for the Academy. I was ecstatic when I found out I got in. Less so when they said I had too attend NAPS. I understand it is an honor to even be considered, but I am anxious to actually...
  13. 5Day

    TWE? Consider NUPOC

    It look like there have been a recent batch of USNA TWEs. If your goal to become a Naval Officer and if your plan B school does not have a NROTC program Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC) may be for you. Here is a link
  14. E

    Nuke to Navy

    Going to try to kill two birds with one thread post: what does a former enlisted get paid at naps and then the academy? Also, if I have a few months until going to naps how should I be preparing? More details: I graduated nuclear power school finding out the last week I had been offered an...