1. M

    Northwestern Prep Group?

    Hello everyone! I am a USAFA re-applicant headed to NWP in September. I thought it would be really cool to get to know some other prepsters before we arrive, so I am thinking of creating an online group where we can "meet" each other over the summer. If you are interested in this, please DM me...
  2. Ptsv

    Falcon foundation scholarship 2018

    All, DD received Falcon scholarship on 3/16. 1. I’m curious if others on this forum have received notice for this fall and what prep schools are being considered. 2. She is seriously considering NWP, but I have some concerns about the second semester. Can any NWP alumni speak to their second...
  3. J

    Northwestern Prep

    Let's start a thread for students going to NWP this Fall! I'll start: I'm from Georgia, and I got a Falcon Foundation Scholarship and chose NWP. I've talked with Mrs. Durbeck a lot with in the past few weeks. While I am by no means an expert, I think I've learned quite a lot from both Mrs...