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    Final Year of High School, have choices to make and would like others opinons

    As of August 8th, my senior year of high school starts. Over the past 18 months, I have been working on getting a job at NSA Augusta through the high school work-study program they have for the surrounding area. I made it to the final 20 students but was not one of the 8 students selected. I...
  2. M

    Chances of USAF Surgeon General’s approval

    To sum it all up. I had gotten an S/P ORIF on my left leg (An IM rod and 4 screws, 2 above my ankle and 2 below my knee) 4 years ago. My recruiter took all of my medical records of the surgery and sent it to the Surgeon General. A couple of weeks go by and my recruiter calls me and says that it...
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    Advice/Opinions on Possible Medical DQ before I try?

    Hello, I'm currently a Sophomore in College, been wishing to join ROTC for my last two years and army in the future. However, my medical history came back to bite me in the A**. Though I haven't really started this path at all yet, because I have a past history of(and know its a DQ factor): -...