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    What are your thoughts?

    Hi all, just to preface, the purpose of this post is gathering your thoughts and opinions on my situation and what you would do if you were in my shoes and if you have seen similar experiences or have been through the same experience. This is not me asking what are my chances, this is purely an...
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    Final Year of High School, have choices to make and would like others opinons

    As of August 8th, my senior year of high school starts. Over the past 18 months, I have been working on getting a job at NSA Augusta through the high school work-study program they have for the surrounding area. I made it to the final 20 students but was not one of the 8 students selected. I...
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    Chances of USAF Surgeon General’s approval

    To sum it all up. I had gotten an S/P ORIF on my left leg (An IM rod and 4 screws, 2 above my ankle and 2 below my knee) 4 years ago. My recruiter took all of my medical records of the surgery and sent it to the Surgeon General. A couple of weeks go by and my recruiter calls me and says that it...
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    Advice/Opinions on Possible Medical DQ before I try?

    Hello, I'm currently a Sophomore in College, been wishing to join ROTC for my last two years and army in the future. However, my medical history came back to bite me in the A**. Though I haven't really started this path at all yet, because I have a past history of(and know its a DQ factor): -...