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  1. R

    NSI Packing list

    I’m sure there’s an answer in this forum somewhere. My DS is cleared for NSI. CMGO instructed him to contact his NROTC unit for travel arrangements. I can’t find packing list anywhere. Anyone?
  2. J

    This might be a stupid question but…

    Hi all, I’m looking to bring a journal to Beast, just to write down notes, thoughts, etc., and I have a couple pictures of my girlfriend taped to the inside cover. Pictures aren’t on the contraband list, and the journal isn’t on the packing list, so I don’t want to be that person who gets...
  3. F

    Disposable Camera at Beast?? Help!

    I am looking to send a disposable camera with my boyfriend for R Day (tomorrow) but know that they are very strict about what you can/can't bring. I do not want to get him into any trouble and have not been able to find any answers online. The CBT packing list says no electronics, but does not...
  4. M

    iPads/tips for West Point

    Good afternoon! I am a cadet candidate for the USMA Class of 2025’ and have been looking over some of the things that are on the recommended packing list for the USMA, and wanted some suggestions. West Point did request that I take an overnight visit sometime in either January or February, and...
  5. H

    Is there going to be a specific packing list?

    Is there going to be a specific packing list for R-day? Or are we supposed to be packing based off of what we have now?
  6. birdwatcher4125

    Uniform patches for Cadet Basic Training

    Greetings to all, My DS and I were reviewing what was left to buy for his BEAST packing list when we realized that we hadn't ordered his extra uniform patches yet. Well, we tried to access the recommended uniform website (, but the website appears to be no-more...
  7. aw4125

    What should or shouldn't I bring to West Point on Acceptance Day? (Opinion)

    Hello everyone! My name is **REMOVED**, and I am lucky enough to have been offered an appointment to West Point! I would like the opinion of current/past cadets on something: What are some things you wish you had brought with you on A-day, and what are some things you think I shouldn't bring? I...
  8. DeploymentDiatribes

    CVW Items to bring

    I know this information must be somewhere in the forums, but I've spent an hour searching and reading posts and can't find anything other than that he won't need PT gear or a swimsuit. Is it helpful for him to have his laptop for class time? A notebook and pencil? Thanks in advance. Erin
  9. DS1998

    USMAPS Prior enlisted packing list

    Do prior enlisted bring everything that the Army has already issued them? I.e. uniforms and CIF equipment.