parents weekend

  1. R

    Parents Weekend

    During Parents weekend, when are cadets allowed to leave the Academy and when do they need to be back?
  2. M

    Date of Plebe Parent Weekend for 2019

    Hello. Where I worked has just instituted some crazy rules for asking for time-off. Because of that I am trying to figure out when the Naval Academy has the Plebe Parent Weekend this summer . . .2019. I looked on the website and don't seem to be able to find it. Anyone here know what...
  3. U

    Parents Weekend

    Hello, Very broad question but what’s parents weekend like? I read Fri: Academy visits/tours for families Sat: Football game Sunday: xxx How does this weekend work for plebes in their free time? Ie. Do they have to stay on base, etc. Thanks, Ullia
  4. J

    USAFA PS Parent Weekend

    So I know parent weekend is on Labor Day weekend. My parents would like to come visit me while I'm at PS. What usually happens during this weekend?
  5. XCpanda

    Visiting My Cadet

    Hi! I am planning a trip to USAFA the weekend after parents weekend to visit my brother at the academy! What are the regulations on this? I have no background knowledge on how the visits work. It will be his freshman year (He is in BCT currently). Am I able to spend a couple of hours with him...
  6. US2021

    Parents Weekend

    Hi everybody! I was wondering what parents weekend is like at the Air Force Academy!:) How do the rules apply for cadets being able to interact with their parents/visitors (i.e. Are they allowed to stay together for 24 hours straight? Are they able to leave the campus? etc.) I am planning...