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    PFE/Early Application Questions

    I am currently completing my early action USCGA application. I took the PFE today, and I think that I scored a 200. Should I retest again before October 15th? Also, can I submit better scores after that date? Will the following help to make up for my somewhat low PFE score? I have a 1500 SAT...
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    AIM 2019 Week 3 - What to Expect?

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for all the forum supporters - these threads are very helpful. My son is attending the AIM week 3 starting this Sunday. He is all excited! Would like to know some details on PFE and in general. Thank you, everyone, in advance for reading and responding PFE How...
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    PFE Submission Dates

    Hello, I wanted to ask when the PFE examiner must submit the PFE results by in order to be considered for the Early Action admissions process. I know that all of the recommendations do not need to be in when the application is submitted, but what about the PFE? Thank you
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    PFE/Reccomendation Question

    General Question- Does the individual who administers an applicant's PFE also write a personal reccomendation, or do they just report the results ?