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    Photos in application resume?

    Wondering if it might be helpful or frowned upon if my DS added any pictures to the "optional upload" part of the application? He plans to include a pretty standard resume there, but has 2 pics of him on a sailboat and in the water teaching disabled kids to swim that I (very biased!) love and...
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    SLE Pictures

    Hi everyone, I heard the photos from SLE week 2 have been uploaded to a flickr account but I was unable to find them. Can anyone please share the link if they have it? Thank you!
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    Can anyone give me some insight about whether or not it is worth the price of $36 a month to join the AOG and gain access to webguy photos. Do they just post scores of random shots and you have to fish through them to find your cadet? Do they filter the shots of your cadet for you and archive...