physcial fitness assessment

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    Army ROTC Scholarship Fitness Test

    For the AROTC fitness test for the 4-year scholarship, thé applicant must complete 1min of pushups, 1min of sit-ups, then a 1mile run. I (Female) just practiced and got 25 pushups and 27 sit-ups, I haven’t done the run yet but expect around 8 minutes. Does anyone know if this is a good score or...
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    ROTC Physical Fitness Assessment

    I got 54 pushups 47 curl ups 7:30 mile time As a male should I take it again? I completed this test within the much more difficult service academy CFA, so I was a little tired out and my scores aren't as good as they could be, but I don't want to take it again if it's not worth it. My SAT is...