physical requirements

  1. Y

    Can LOA be revoked based on CFA?

    Hello, I have recently received an LOA for USMA not too long ago, but still, something troubles me. So for context, I only have my statements, nomination, medical qualification, and CFA scores left on my application for me to input. The only part that I am slightly worried about is the CFA. I...
  2. afrotc2022

    Air Force Pilot Vision Requirements: Refractive Errors

    Hi All, OK, so I've been doing some research on the USAF FC1 Refraction requirements for eyesight. Here are my results from DODMERB: Right Eye: Sphere: -2.25 Cylinder: +0.50 Axis: 0.92 Left Eye: Sphere: -1.00 Cylinder: +0.75 Axis: 0.87 That might be Greek to some people...sorry...