pilot slot

  1. streetbird

    How Competitve is a Four Year Scholarship/Pilot Slot

    Hello, I'm a junior considering a NRTOC or AFROTC. My ultimate goal is to fly, though if that does not happen, I'm think I would be happier in the navy. Anyway, this is beside the point. I cannot find information regarding the NROTC or AFROTC four year scholarship - how competitive is it...
  2. tuckthemuck

    AFROTC PRK Surgery Timing

    Hello Everyone, Apologies if this has already been posted. To start, my goal in life is to fly in the United States Air Force. I am a cadet in AFROTC as an AS100(first year). My eyesight is pretty bad at -4.00, so I need laser eye surgery. I found out recently that I am not a candidate for...