1. BHilbun

    Pilot Test

    I recently heard there is a pilot test all applicants take and was wondering if there is a specific name for it? Also, if there is a test, when is it administered? Thank you in advance.
  2. Juvat

    ASTB Minimums Change

    Just learned from my 2019 Mid that ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery) score minimums have been increased for Pilot and NFO hopefuls. This is causing some 2019'ers to retake the exam before service selection in a few months in order to meet the new minimums. Semper Gumby...
  3. L

    OTS pilot slot chances

    Good evening everyone, I am trying to get either OTS slot in USAF or OCS in navy. I want to be a pilot and since getting a slot is extremely competitive, I am trying my luck for both branches Stats - 23 years old, 5'9 height - Bachelors in Health Sciences with two minors ( Math, Arabic) - Top of...
  4. M

    USNA or MIT

    Hello, Since decision day is right around the corner, I am seeking advice for a very important decision. I am seeking input from experienced people as to which school would be better for me: USNA or AFROTC at MIT. Let me start by describing my situation, career goals, and potential options. I...
  5. afrotc2022

    Potential Pilot Qualified (PPQ)

    Is there anyway to check if I am potential pilot qualified on the DoDMERB site or USAFA/AFROTC sites? There are some other threads about this, and they say that if your status is "commission qualified" you are NOT PPQ. But they are a few years old, and things may have changed. My DODMERB...
  6. F

    Navy O.C.S. - Do I have a chance?

    Hello, my name is Gage Nawrocki; I just created this account to begin my research before applying. I am planning to enroll in OCS for the Navy, I am currently pursuing my B.A.S. in business management. I know I am getting ready to get ragged on for not obtaining a technical degree, business is...
  7. Jareddwright


    Long time listener, first time posting.... I am in sort of a dilemma... I received notification today that I received the NROTC 4 year scholarship to my first choice college. This came after I found out last week I received the AROTC 4 year to my dream school. I am not sure what to choose. I...
  8. Nbuck

    NROTC to becoming a pilot?

    I am a junior in high school in Massachusetts and I have been looking into Naval Aviation (pilot), wether fixed-wing or rotor, and I am just curious as to how tough it is to get a commission into aviation? I am not interested in USMC aviation and am open to AF aviation (through afrotc)...
  9. M

    USAF Pilot Selection Process

    Hello all, I am currently a college senior looking to become a pilot in the USAF after graduation. I am pretty far along in the application process but was wondering if someone could help answer some questions about what is going to happen next. Also if anyone has recently been through this...
  10. 045mason

    UPT Base Selection

    Anyone have advice on base preference for UPT? I am leaning towards Vance but I haven't heard much about Columbus or Laughlin.
  11. USAFMitch20

    Chances of getting a Pilot Slot

    I am an AFROTC AS200 cadet. It seems that everyone is asking this question these days, but what do you think my chances of getting a pilot slot are? I have not gone to field training yet and I have 19 flight hours. Here are my scores: Major: Non-Tech GPA: 3.39 AFOQT Pilot: 97 Nav: 61...
  12. C

    Height Waiver for ROTC Cadet

    Hi, I am a third year cadet looking to get a pilot slot this spring. I need a height waiver but my cadre won't give me a definite answer on what needs to be done to get one and I worry that I am going to run out of time to accomplish the tasks it will take to get one. My standing height is 61"...
  13. Hoodlum15

    Life as a Female Pilot

    First off, if there is already a thread about this please feel free to redirect me, I wasn't able to find one after a quick search. Anyway, I'm a female cadet at USAFA and have been thinking a lot about my future career. I would really love to fly, possibly fighters. I was hoping for some...
  14. A

    Additional Jobs during Service

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, and I haven't found a question for my unique interests, so I am posting my personal situation seeking advice. Long story short, I'm a college sophomore who has developed a newfound interest in serving. I have some pilot cousins, a few ancestors who served in the...
  15. K

    Quick question.

    If a person passes AFROTC, but fails pilot training what happens? Does he still have to give ten years active duty, or is it shortened to four in his new job? Because I'm going to give it my all to be a pilot but just in case, I don't want to spend ten years at a desk job.
  16. B

    Helicopter Pilots License-USNA

    My whole life I have wanted to be in the Marine Corp. I found out years ago (I just turned 15) that the way I wanted to accomplish this was the USNA. More specifically, I want to be a Helicopter Pilot. Lately I have been doing a lot of research about if having your license before you apply to an...
  17. R

    AFROTC Rated Selection Question

    I am an AS100 cadet and also an Electrical Engineering major. I have heard that the Air Force considers EE to be one of the "critical" majors and caps the number of "critical" majors that can go rated some years. Is there any truth to this?
  18. T

    NROTC vs. AFROTC for Pilot Spot

    Which ROTC branch betters your chance of attaining a pilot or NFO spot? I've seen posts similar to this however most were posted before 2009. I plan on doing ROTC in college with the hopes of earning a 3 year scholarship (focused solely on applying to SAs and completely disregarded ROTC...
  19. J


    I want to preface this by saying that in an ideal world, I would like to make the military my career so please look at this in that context. I've been offered a Type 7 scholarship from the AF as well as the 4 year from the Army. I would be using either of these at Purdue University under OOS...
  20. A

    Soon to be graduating college student

    Hi there, I'm a soon to be graduating college student (receiving my Bachelor's) and I am highly considering joining the Air Force. I'm majoring in Adapted Physical Education. I'd like to know how my major may affect what I will do in the Air Force. I would like to end up flying "heavies", but I...