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    Scholarship for NROTC marine option- what are my chances?

    I'm planning on applying for the NROTC scholarship this summer. I have contacted my local recruiter and he wants to meet with me in May after I finish this year (11th) so we can talk. He wants to give me the ASVAB test and knows I want to be commissioned as an officer. I told him I was wanting...
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    Marine PLC Aviation Contract VS AFROTC

    I would like to be a pilot in the military. I will be starting at a university in a few months and I am trying to weigh my options. I am quite interested in AFROTC, but, I don't like the uncertainty of getting a pilot slot. A few weeks ago I found out about the Guaranteed pilot slot through USMC...
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    NROTC at UCSD or Platoon Leaders Class at Cal Poly SLO

    I have been offered admission to both schools as a political science major. I did not receive the NROTC scholarship but my friend who is in the San Diego unit said that I could most definitely get the college program scholarship within the first year of doing it. Therefore, both schools would be...
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    The switch from Army Rotc to Marines Advice

    Hey All, Some people have been messaging me personally about whether or not they should switch from Army Rotc to Marines plc. First a little background, I dropped an Army Rotc 4 year scholarship to go marine plc cause I wanted to do fixed wing flying. Do I regret it? No, I am much happier...