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    Being the Best Plebe/Leader/Teammate During Plebe Summer

    I am an incoming MIDN (very soon) who is trying to focus on the short-term future more than the long-term future. Right now, my goal is to be the best plebe during PS. Later, my goal will be the same but during shorter periods of time. During plebe summer (not the academic year), how can I be...
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    How much should my PRT score improve over Plebe Summer?

    I'm an incoming MIDN who is curious about how much I can expect my cadence pushup count, plank time, and 1.5 mile time to improve over PS (comparing the IPRT in to the PRT administered at the end of PS).
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    Company assignments

    Hello, my DS recently accepted his appointment to West Point. We were both wondering when cadets are assigned their companies, I would assume after beasts?
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    PS — Words of Wisdom & Advice on What to Bring

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. As everyone knows, we’re two weeks out from Plebe Summer! So, I wanted to start a thread to compile words of wisdom, encouragement, and other tid-bits of advice from parents, graduates, current Midshipmen, etc. Please share any advice you have —...