1. G

    USAFA Portal-Nomination

    Hey, my application has been completed for quite some time now and I have recently received two nominations. I have my third interview next week. However, for one of my nominations I have two check marked bullets titled my congressional districts nomination. My nomination from my senator does no...
  2. F

    Green to Gold Portal

    Anyone out there waiting on the G2G portal to change? I know that I received a scholarship; however, I don't think CC has processed my paperwork because my portal hasn't changed. Help.
  3. THParent


    I just thought I would mention a few things about WAITING, based on what I have seen as a new user on the forum. This is a list of my opinions and observations, and I am trying my best to inject a little dry humor as I go. Unless you're an astronaut, you're not getting off this planet alive, so...
  4. D

    No nomination, yet no denial, where do you find Portal updates?

    On my USMA portal I don't see anywhere I can find my application status like at USNA. I didn't receive a nom. but I haven't gotten a TWE yet... not sure why. Just curious where applicants see their portal changes.
  5. katwswim

    Time of day for appointments?

    So I have read a lot about how people hear about their AFA appointments, mostly seems like they get an email in the morning that there is a portal change, then when they go in the portal they see a congratulations. Have heard of some who received a phone call from their senator the night before...