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    Best major for Nuclear Power School

    I am a future midshipman who wants to become a career SWO(N) officer. I originally planned on majoring in Nuclear Engineering (I desire something that is theoretical/requires imagination and involves a lot of chemistry), but I want to open my eyes to other, possibly better, options. I want a...
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    What is the difference between a Naval Reactors Engineer and a Submarine/SWO(N) officer?

    I am an aspiring Naval Nuclear Officer, but I am trying to differentiate the difference between two of the naval nuclear officer jobs listed on the US Navy's website.
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    How to prepare for nuclear power school? How much would a nuclear engineering degree from Annapolis help?

    I am a future SWO(N) officer who is attending USNA, and I'm wondering how I can prepare for Power School (all 3 stages).