1. V

    PRB for PRT

    I’m a 4/C MIDN on scholarship and failed my official PRT run portion by 9 seconds, failing is still failing. I may have a PRB if I cannot retake the test, any insight on how these work or what to do. I’m not nervous because I’m accountable for what I’ve done and will fix it before the next cycle.
  2. 252swede

    NROTC Repayment of Tuition and Fees with Drop On Request before obligation period

    My son just received his PRB report with a board recommendation of leave of absence pending disenrollment with the recoupment of freshmen year tuition and fees. He submitted a DOR several weeks before the start of his sophomore year. His advisor says, "Most likely, you will not be required to...
  3. M

    Proud mom of newly minted Ensign...huge Thank you to the board, and advice to new mids...

    Obviously I am swelling up with pride for my daughter who recently commissioned. I am even prouder of the way she picked herself up after a few stumbles on her journey! As a parent, I always knew it was her journey, but also worried about how she would fare through some tough challenges. Many...