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  1. L

    How Common Is It to Use the Summer Seminar Program Application as the USAFA Pre-Candidate Questionnaire?

    Hi, I'm currently completing my summer seminar program application and saw a question whether I wanted to use my summer seminar program application as my USAFA Pre-Candidate Questionnaire. Originally, I intended to say no just in case I have anything on to add on later, although I'm curious how...
  2. P

    Transferring to the USAFA: I need advice.

    Hi everyone, Apologies if I am going about this incorrectly: it's my first time on this forum, but I'm searching high and low for some information. 99% of the data I've found on attending the USAFA academy is regarding students going straight from high school. That is not my scenario. I...
  3. Astromatter

    PCQ Submission Issue

    I filled out my PCQ immediately after receiving my SAT scores. However, as I went to finalize it, it gave me the following error: What's the deal with this? How can I fix it?
  4. G

    Questions about applying for 2023

    I am a junior and want to apply to the AFA for the class of 2023. I would appreciate some help/advice for a couple of questions I have: 1. The applications steps on the website say to reach out to your ALO as Step 2 -- even before filling out the pre-candidate questionaire. I emailed the ALO...