1. D

    MIT vs Princeton AROTC

    My DD and I have heard many good things about both Princeton and MIT’s AROTC programs for engineering majors. What are specific differences, pros/ cons in comparing the two units? Both schools are the host school for their respective program which is a real positive.
  2. TexasCali

    NROTC - Yale, Princeton, Harvard...which is the best unit?

    Hello Everyone, Daughter has her interview next week relating to her NROTC scholarship application. She has done a tremendous amount of research regarding the units at Yale, Princeton, and Harvard. It seems that Yale has put a tremendous amount of support and resources into the growth of NROTC...
  3. P

    Princeton AROTC

    I am in the process of applying for an Army ROTC scholarship, and also applying to Princeton. Today I got an email from the Princeton Army ROTC scholarship and enrollment officer saying that I was competitive for admission and for a scholarship, asking me if I needed help with my application...