1. F

    Summer Seminar: Send both SAT and PSAT scores?

    I scored pretty bad on the PSAT and got a 1200 (620 Reading 580 Math) then I did a little bit of prep on math and scored a 1300 (640 reading 660 math) on my SAT. Should I still send both scores as I improved by 100 points or would it be best to leave the PSAT out of the equation. Side note: I...
  2. N

    PSAT or SAT?

    Hey guys, I've got a pretty good question, but it has a bit of a backstory. I am a junior in high school who is applying to USAFA and I took the PSAT at the beginning of this year and got a 1220, 640 on math and 580 on english. I am going on a trip the day I will be taking the SAT on the 27th...
  3. peppypea

    Starting USAFA app- only one PSAT score...and it's low.

    My child is wanting to start the application process for the USAFA- to complete it he has to have at least one score from a standardized test. The kid is as smart as a whip, but PSAT is not the test for him. From all the research we have done ACT will be a better match to his skills, and he is...