pull ups

  1. graceelizabeth51

    When to schedule CFA

    Hello! I'm applying for the class of 2025. My due date for my application is due November 1st, so just under 2 months out. I am extremely competitive academically, but the rest of my application is lacking somewhat. I am training religiously for the CFA, but my scores are not what I would like...
  2. 2

    CFA Events/Competition?

    Hey all... I sadly did not attend this year's SLE, but I'm a 2023 hopeful from MT. I had a question about CFA events. My upper body strength has always been lacking. My CFA is pretty good, except for my pull ups. The most I've ever done is 8, but I normally test either 5 or 6. I've looked...
  3. chrisrcollege

    Poor CFA Scores

    Hello everyone, I am a Cross Country, Track & Field, and PT team member. I'm varsity for both Cross and a Track, and have very strong PT scores. Yesterday I took my CFA with my JROTC instructor... I did awful. Pull Ups: 6 (couldn't do the seventh fully) Bball Throw : 58 feet Push Ups : 46 Sit...