pull ups

  1. S

    CFA Video

    Hi everyone, I have almost all my application completed for west point. the only thing I have left is the cfa video. We forgot to record when I took my cfa test. My question is whether or not I have to hit the same numbers I did for my last cfa(15/16 pull ups and 57 push up) for the video. Am...
  2. graceelizabeth51

    When to schedule CFA

    Hello! I'm applying for the class of 2025. My due date for my application is due November 1st, so just under 2 months out. I am extremely competitive academically, but the rest of my application is lacking somewhat. I am training religiously for the CFA, but my scores are not what I would like...
  3. 2

    CFA Events/Competition?

    Hey all... I sadly did not attend this year's SLE, but I'm a 2023 hopeful from MT. I had a question about CFA events. My upper body strength has always been lacking. My CFA is pretty good, except for my pull ups. The most I've ever done is 8, but I normally test either 5 or 6. I've looked...
  4. chrisrcollege

    Poor CFA Scores

    Hello everyone, I am a Cross Country, Track & Field, and PT team member. I'm varsity for both Cross and a Track, and have very strong PT scores. Yesterday I took my CFA with my JROTC instructor... I did awful. Pull Ups: 6 (couldn't do the seventh fully) Bball Throw : 58 feet Push Ups : 46 Sit...