1. O

    What happens if you are diagnosed with HIV in NROTC?

    Hey y’all. Quick hypothetical question. What happens, if I get diagnosed with HIV while on an NROTC scholarship. What would happen to my career? Would I have pay the scholarship money back? Any clarification helps, thanks.
  2. U

    Energy Boost before CFA?

    Something that just came to my mind.. Are you allowed to drink pre workout, energy boost drinks, coffee, etc right before the CFA in order to increase the energy you have to do it without being completely winded? Are there are rules against it?
  3. A

    Am I in?

    I received both an LOE and an LOA. I am also 3Q'd. I was wondering if I was in and if I could stop completing my applications to other schools?
  4. B

    Is West Point the only service academy with a 50-year affiliation program?

    I found West Point's 50-year affiliation program unique. I haven't quite noticed it from the other service academies so I was wondering if others had it as well, or only West Point?
  5. D

    Am I a recruited athlete? USMA

    Hey guys first time poster, long time lurker here. I’m finished with my USMA application, officially medically qualified, and have been in contact with a coach at USMA. He said he would rate me as a recruited athlete on my application, however I’m not sure if that means I get what most people...
  6. E

    Korean Dual Citizen

    Hello, I just recently got my appointment to USAFA! The one thing that is holding me back right now is my dual citizenship. As a dual citizen of Korea and the US, I need to serve in the Korean military to maintain my dual citizenship as they have a mandatory conscription. Is there any way that I...
  7. T

    Limitations on Service Selection

    Will the academies ever give waivers to applicants if it limits their service selection upon graduation? For example, would they waive a condition that maybe cannot be considered for waiver to enter aviation but would be fine for other assignments? I understand many factors are taken into...
  8. TheWaterConsumer

    DoDMERB asked for form I already turned in.

    I was recently DQ'd for Osgood Schlatter's (resolved) and braces. I resolved the issue with Osgood Schlatter's but when I got my response back, DodMERB was asking for the orthodontic questionnaire. A form I had already turned in. I turned this back in and have been waiting ~2 weeks. If I am...
  9. TheWaterConsumer

    When Do Most People Hear Back/People Who Have Been Admitted Scores and Stuff

    I was just snooping around my app tonight and was wondering when most people hear back from the academy. I saw the acceptance thread and it seemed like a lot of people were already admitted. Also, I was thinking, for those that have been admitted. Would you mind telling me what your application...
  10. Q

    Branch Selection Questions

    Hello, I wrote in one of my nomination essays that I might want to become a cyber operations officer. Can you become one through West Point? I don't want to look like I didn't do my research. I don't see it here, but I saw it on another website.
  11. A

    SAT/ACT Question

    I am a rising senior who is struggling to figure out how exactly to upload my SAT/ACT scores to ROTC. I have several questions. First, does the scholarship program superscore? Second, can I upload a screenshot of my score to the application, if not how exactly do I give my score to the...
  12. A

    7 schools help

    I am currently a rising senior who can't quite figure out all of the facts about the 7 schools for the scholarship. Namely if I get the scholarship, does it work at all of my seven schools? And what happens if I don't get into any of my seven schools?
  13. O

    Can I put babysitting my siblings as employed for 20+ hours?

    Title. Or is there somewhere that would be more appropriate to mention that I am the caretaker for my 4 younger siblings for 20+ hours a week?
  14. ThePilot18

    AFROTC HSSP Highly Desired Majors... Why?

    It's common knowledge that AFROTC scholarships are usually awarded to people taking "technical majors" ( I assume this means Big Blue has a shortage of people with those degrees, but what I'd like to know is this: if somebody is looking to...
  15. B

    GPA, class rank, and other questions

    I am currently a junior in high school, with an approximate GPA of 3.6. This worries me b/c I have researched average GPA's of Midshipman and they are around 3.8. I am taking challenging IB courses and have little "padding" from classes that aren't very difficult. I am somewhere around the...
  16. I

    Will I be accepted?

    Hey everyone. I’m currently a Junior in high school and I luckily came across this page. I’ve been interested in the USAFA since I was a freshman, and I’m wondering if you guys think I’ll be able to get in? I’m aware it’s hard to say at this point, but it’s nice to have a general idea...
  17. B

    English and Math SOE Question Help

    Good afternoon, After considering the factors going into my choice of English and Math teachers for my SOE's, I have come to the conclusion that I need an in-depth explanation to the types of questions asked by West point to those teachers. To be honest, I have damaged my relationship with one...
  18. T

    Sending Mail as a Cadet

    Hey All! I had a quick (potentially dumb) question regarding sending mail during SWAB summer. Is sending mail internationally possible from the Coast Guard Academy? Are you able to get your letter weighed before being sent out? From what I understand especially for international mailing extra...
  19. tlfrancis289

    NASS Question

    Hello all, I recently got the good news that I got an offer to attend NASS session three. I am beyond excited! I just wanted to ask a question on how I can prepare physically. Should I only practice the CFA or are there other workouts I should do in order to be ready for NASS? Any advice is...
  20. tlfrancis289


    Hello everyone, attending the CGA has been my dream for quite some time now. I recently received the good news regarding my appointment to AIM. I am attending session 1 and am hopeful for some advice on how to prepare for the PFE and overall how to mentally prepare to be yelled at by the...