ranger challange

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    Participation in Ranger Challenge

    Hi yall, I'll be an MS2 this upcoming fall and I'm excited for what the year has in store. However, my chain of command is pressuring me into doing Ranger Challenge. For some reference, I am the top runner/rucker in my detachment and got a 590 on the acft. I just work out to be healthy and try...
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    Ranger Challenge--Worth it in the Long Run?

    Hey, everyone, MS1 Army ROTC cadet here. Just wanted to ask if Ranger Challenge is worth it in the long run. I did it this past year, and thought it was extremely overhyped and frankly not that hard. Certainly not worth taking almost a full week off of school. I go to a school with a very small...
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    Ranger challenge and color guard

    If you are a part of the color guard or ranger challenge team for one year do you get the full points for that OML? Or do you need to take part in the activities all four years to achieve the maximum number of points?