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  1. F

    MRS & AFROTC Rated Board

    Hello, I am in AFROTC and will be competing in the rated board for a pilot slot this spring. I was put on MRS last semester for an ingrown toenail surgery. In early January I was released from MRS but unfortunately, the injury did not fully heal and I will be getting another surgery to get it...
  2. M

    2021 OTS Rated Board

    Hello all, I am planning on applying for the 2021 OTS Rated Board, specifically to be a pilot. Can anyone help me gauge how competitive I will be? I have a BA in Political Science & Economics, and now I am earning my MBA in Management. Age: 22 years old AFOQT: P 88, N 21, A 69, V 69, Q 66...
  3. M

    Did I miss the chance to go rated?

    I'm a 300 level (Junior in college) cadet in AFROTC. I graduated field training in the top 3rd with a rated slot but ultimately told my commander that I wanted to do engineering so I didn't actually go for a rated position. As rated boards are coming out, I am regretting not going for it. While...
  4. J

    ENJJPT Scores

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the scores for 2017 ENJJPT Selections?
  5. SqwincherSquad

    2017 AFROTC Rated Selection Thread

    A place for the class of 2018 Cadets who are going up for the rated boards this February to share statistics, drop dates, advice and more. Feel free to post any questions as well! Good luck to all those Pilot, CSO, RPA, ABM hopefuls!