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    ADHD medication & enlistment

    I just turned 23 years old and have been looking into the prospect of joining the Air Force. However, I was diagnosed with ADHD in high school and have been taking prescription medication for it since. Not regularly, scarcely even. But I'm still getting the script. It particularly sucks because...
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    Gold Bar Recruiter

    How does the application to become an Army ROTC Gold Bar recruiter work? When does the application process? Do you apply only after you get your BOLC dates? How do you apply? Who do you contact? Do you apply to a specific school? Can you apply to more than one school?
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    My DS has completed his USNA application and is now working on his NROTC application. He received an email from the recruiter about 2 weeks ago to schedule his interview which he supplied several dates. As of yesterday he has not received any response to his emails or calls to the recruiter. He...