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    Double checking information, RE-3 , age and vison

    Good afternoon , just wanted advise and to double check information. Started my Re-enlisting process. Went to MEPS for asvab, All great across the board. At MEPS an staff mentioned as to why I wasn’t going officer with since I had my bachelors and the scores were fine. I gave it more thought and...
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    Recruiting problem

    I am trying to enlist in the US Army. My recruiter had submitted waivers for some surgeries I had when I was younger. They got approved but he "forgot" to put in a Med form for a hernia I had repaired. I asked if he could add it and he told me that I could only submit one waiver and I was just...
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    AFROTC Banners

    Situation: I'm an AFROTC cadet and this semester I am the cadet recruiting officer. I've been tasked by a cadre member to raise awareness of our program around campus and to do this I was hoping to put up some AFROTC banners. Our Army ROTC counterparts have banners all over campus and I was...