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    What are my chances now of Joining the Airforce as an officer?

    Hello, this question is mainly for those who are in the military currently as there is a shortage of recruits. I would like to join the Air Force as an officer. I finished my 4 year degree in Psychology with a 3.92 GPA. Yes I know Psychology is not a STEAM Degree but I would like to know if it...
  2. Backtrack

    Financial aid?

    I believe this is where I am suppose to ask my question. Hi, I've been thinking about joining ROTC for a while but couldn't make up my mind. I'm a double major in Computer Engineering/Science and my interest in last semesters IEEE South East Conf ended up over turning my interest in classes. I...
  3. Backtrack


    Hi everyone, I'm a sophomore that is double majoring in Computer engineering/science at my university and I've been thinking about join my universities ROTC program for some time now. I've been putting it off because of my doubts, but recent situations may escalate my decision. I don't know...