reserve officer training corps

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    Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, I am currently in High School and thinking about joining/becoming a reserve officer. I want to attend University after High School and major in Computer Science and after that go on to higher education or into the workforce. From what I know, the reserve/national guard meets a...
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    After a USNA Rejection

    Hi, I’m a current applicant to USNA from Fl-08. If a rejection letter comes my way, I’m planning to reapply the next year and go to a near by community college (Because of financial problems) and take Plebe year courses. One of my coaches was telling me about joining the Navy reserves to help...
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    ROTC without scholarship

    Hello, If I don't apply for a NROTC scholarship, but then get into, let's say, school X. School X has a NROTC program. Can I join the unit when I get to school X in the fall? If possible, how does that process work? If so, what are the differences (if any) between scholarship and...