1. C

    Reserve Enlistment and NROTC at the same time

    I am currently sitting on alternate status for the 4-Year NROTC scholarship. I know I just need to wait but especially based on what I've seen about other applicants I'm unsure about my chances so I'm exploring other options. One such option I've heard about would be enlisting in the Naval...
  2. S

    Recently diagnosed with adhd, currently enlisted Army reservist.

    I was recently diagnosed with adhd, the psych recommends medication, as does my pcp. My ETS date is coming up soon and I honestly haven’t made my mind up on if I’ll reup or not these are my main concerns; 1: If I ets and decide to come back in at a later date, would the use of the medication...
  3. C

    AF reserves before AF OTS?

    Hello, I have 2 years left of college and was wanting to join the Air Force. ROTC wouldn’t be an option for me since I was not wanting to do an extra year because i’m already going to be a 5th year. After I graduate I was thinking of joining AF OTS. Should I join the reserves before hand? If I...
  4. J

    When to get DD 368 for ROTC?

    Since my last thread didn't garner any answers, I'm trying to ask a more broad question about my situation. At what point do AROTC students serving in reserve components of the military need to acquire a dd386 from their service? Is it as soon as they start taking ROTC classes? After their...
  5. C


    I know that the Active Guard Reserve is an option for officers. From what I have seen, you cannot commission into the AGR from ROTC, as"you must be pending discharge from your component" ( Is it hard to get into AGR as an officer before your discharge? Is it very competitive...
  6. A

    Army Medical Corps Social Worker

    I live in Illinois and am looking into joining the army reserves medical corps as a social worker. I am prior Navy and have active and reserve time in the navy prior to becoming a social worker. I meet all qualifications for becoming an officer in the army reserves medical corps. I want to find...
  7. C

    Cyber Security in Army question

    I am looking to possibly join the army after completing college and have a question about my options. I am majoring in cybersecurity and would like to have an MOS related to cybersecurity, such as cyber operations specialist(17C). The certifications and training you receive for that MOS would be...
  8. P

    Prior Enlisted Army Questions

    Does anybody know how many dedicated slots there are for prior-enlisted soldiers? Is it split into reserves/active duty? Are only combat veterans allowed to apply?
  9. A

    Enlisted Air Force to USMA?

    I am an enlisted Airman in the Guard and want to attend West Point, my question is regarding the application process. As an enlisted member of the Air Force would I be able to pursue the same routes of admission as enlisted soldiers or are those methods exclusive to the Army? Furthermore, I have...
  10. A

    Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, I am currently in High School and thinking about joining/becoming a reserve officer. I want to attend University after High School and major in Computer Science and after that go on to higher education or into the workforce. From what I know, the reserve/national guard meets a...
  11. U

    After a USNA Rejection

    Hi, I’m a current applicant to USNA from Fl-08. If a rejection letter comes my way, I’m planning to reapply the next year and go to a near by community college (Because of financial problems) and take Plebe year courses. One of my coaches was telling me about joining the Navy reserves to help...
  12. C

    Commissioning ANG from AFROTC

    Hi there, I’m a cadet in my third year with AFROTC. I’ve seen that we are able to commission into the Air National Guard, but no one is too sure what this process looks like. My cadre think that I need to seek out an opening at a Guard base and be selected. What if I’m not selected but I still...
  13. A

    Scholarship Commitment?

    I received a 3 year army scholarship for college. I sign my contract next year but I'm a little confused about the commitment. All of the army websites say that the scholarship requires you to serve 4 years active duty followed by Inactive Ready Reserves. I really want to move to Los Angeles...
  14. N

    Active Duty vs. Reserves and Civilian Career

    So recently I was accepted into Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service (woohoo). I also got a four year full tuition AROTC scholarship (woohoo again). So, I'm trying to create a few 15 year plans to see my career options and such. I know for sure that I want to work in the foreign...
  15. E

    Which Way to UPT or Flight Slot

    To start out, I am sorry if this has been asked already. The search function does not seem to be working from my end and opens to a blank page. I am a freshman at a community college and I have always been very interested in becoming an officer in the military. Secondly, I have always dreamed of...
  16. themainmane

    Reserves at Virginia Tech

    How is life different for someone who is in the VTCC and the Reserves (specifically, the Marine Corps Reserves)? Are they put into separate units? Are they treated the same as New Cadets? Any and all answers are much appreciated.
  17. D

    NROTC Commission

    I am currently a candidate for USNA class of 2020, still CPR like many others. I was notified a few weeks ago that I received the 4 year NROTC scholarship, and will be using that if I end up getting the dreaded TWE. My only concern with going the ROTC route is commissioning after. I have family...
  18. M

    How long to be in the system

    Hi all, How long does it usually take for a contracted cadet to be in the system? I just tried to log-in to AROWS-R, but it does not recognize my SSN and/or my birthdate. I was contracted in the beginning of this month and have received the reserve order. Thanks!