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  1. B

    2/C at USNA with Eczema - Report or No?

    As the title states, I’m a rising 2/C with eczema unsure of when I should seek help. I had a waiver to get in here for it, and it has been doing alright and been manageable until this summer. I’ve flared pretty badly, but know that since I have not signed 2 for 7, I’m at risk for separation of...
  2. 23usna23

    Kerataconus--do I qualify to commission?

    I am currently a Midshipman at USNA and I was told over Plebe Summer that I have Keratoconus. I did not think too much of it, as I thought it was a common disorder and that people who have it here receive PRK or LASIK before commissioning. Unfortunately, surgery is not recommended for...