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    ROTC or wait until after college?

    I am wanting to join the military (I haven't decided which branch yet) and am planning to go to college next year to major in nursing. I was thinking about joining the ROTC, but I have some things that may disqualify me for next year, but I'm not sure. I am currently taking antidepressants...
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    Reserve while doing ROTC?

    I have a few questions regarding joining ROTC as a non-scholarship cadet and being in the reserve at the same time: 1. Is it possible to be in the reserves and ROTC at the same time? 2. Can you be a part of the Reserves in one branch and do ROTC (and eventually commission) in a different...
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    Sea Trials Pacific North West

    Has anyone received official word on whether PNW S/T has been cancelled?
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    Admissions Contemplations ROTC & USAFA

    Hello! I'm a prospective USAFA cadet. In the end, I want to be commissioned as an officer in the Air Force. Ideally, I'd love to be admitted to USAFA. I love the camaraderie and tradition that USAFA brings, but honestly, I haven't been where I need to mentally lately. Last year I moved to a new...
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    AFROTC/Enlistment, etc.

    Hey guys. I have a bunch of questions about the military that I haven't been able to find solid answers on. My brother is going to (hopefully) become a Marine this fall and he has inspired me to join the military, as well as my grandfather's service as a Green Beret. I'm now in 10th grade of...