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    ROTC-Scholarship Questions

    Hello all, I am interested in Army ROTC program for my local college, but I am confused on how the application process for this works. I am also applying to WP. Would any of you mind explaining how ROTC applications work (for high schoolers). 1. Do I apply to the SA and ROTC program...
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    AROTC Interview?

    Hey again! I haven't found anything online that really gives any insight on what is asked in the ROTC scholarship interview. I just wanted to see if anyone could give me insight on what is asked in the interview, how long it is, where it is etc. Thank you!
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    Costs to attend ROTC Detachment at another University

    I wanted to confirm that the following additional costs are normal when looking at another university ROTC detachment but still attending original school (that has no ROTC): - dual parking fees (if applicable) - dual student fees - hourly tuition costs will be based on ROTC hosting university...