1. B

    ROTC Board Selection - Make a Difference?

    Hi, I am just starting my application for ROTC scholarship. (ARMY) I understand there are three different deadlines (Board Selections), and that the first one is October 7th. I actually don't know if I'm able to complete my entire app/interview before that, but I might be able too. I heard that...
  2. I

    Eczema Question

    Hello, I am starting AFROTC this year, I know that I had eczema on my medical record after the age of 12. When I'm in the process of getting a medical waiver do I need to send in all my medical records all the way back from when I was born? I'm asking because I am having issues getting some...
  3. K

    Graduate School Directly After College/NROTC

    I am interested in attending graduate school (with interests in pursuing either a MPP, MPA, or MGA) right after I complete my undergraduate studies and receive my commission from NROTC. I want to know what are the possibilities of the Navy allowing me to do this, and what the commonality of...
  4. T

    4-year Scholarship Contracting

    I'm a rising sophomore with a 4-year Scholarship, but I wasn't able to medically qualify with DoDMERB my freshman year, so I had to pay the full tuition cost. However, I'm ready to contract at the start of this coming semester. Will I still receive the benefits from my scholarship for my first...
  5. E

    Am I too old?

    I’m 23 years old. I dropped out of college when I had an incredible scholarship (Stupid I know) I’ve since started a career in sales, a very successful one I might add, but I absolutely hate it. I make great money, but I would much prefer to get back in school, as a much more responsible adult...
  6. FØB Zero

    Active Duty VS Reserves after graduation

    Hi! I’m an MS1 ROTC cadet who is contracted with a 4 year scholarship. I have looked into the differences between AD vs Reserves a little bit but would love to have y’all’s input and help explaining it a bit more. 1. What does being in the reserves look like right after commissioning? Like do...
  7. L

    AFROTC Major when up for boards

    When applying for an AFROTC Scholarship, I noticed how if your major was not a tech major, you would put “0GYY” or “General Studies” while all the tech majors had indentifiers making your major obvious. My question is if this still applies when going for the FT board or the rated board once...
  8. N

    Yale/Harvard ROTC

    I am AROTC scholarship recipient. I originally wanted to do AROTC at MIT, but was deferred/rejected. I have recently been waitlisted at Yale and Harvard and was wondering if anyone knew much about their ROTC offices (both cross town) and if there's anything that can be done to help with the...
  9. W

    Ranger Challenge--Worth it in the Long Run?

    Hey, everyone, MS1 Army ROTC cadet here. Just wanted to ask if Ranger Challenge is worth it in the long run. I did it this past year, and thought it was extremely overhyped and frankly not that hard. Certainly not worth taking almost a full week off of school. I go to a school with a very small...
  10. Ant345

    Can the PMS with which I did the interview see my schools of preference?

    Hi everyone, I just completed my interview and it went extremely well. My only worry is that by having done the PMS interview in my 2nd favorite school, when the PMS will upload the interview he might notice that their school is my 2nd choice and change his mind. Is this the case? My second...
  11. Ant345

    Which college do you suggest?

    Which college do you suggest? Hi everyone, I applied to these colleges and I was wondering which one do you suggest: 1) NORWICH UNIVERSITY 2) THE CITADEL 3) HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY 4) UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT 5) CAL STATE UNIV LONG BEACH Hawaii looks very appealing but the school is very...
  12. Ant345

    Status changed to Interviewee

    Hi everyone, today I received the happy news and my status changed from Pending (because of my SAT score) to Interviewee, and my "Waiver" section became empty, so apparently they granted me a waiver. I am very happy of this news, just out of curiosity how good of a sign is this? What...
  13. M

    Army ROTC | CST OPFOR, considering it. Thoughts or experiences ?

    I’m a sophomore and prior service 11B in the guard. I am not contracted because I am not an MS2 yet, I started school spring semester of freshman year instead of fall like everyone else. Obviously being uncontracted and a 1 doesn’t leave much room for schools and summer training opportunities...
  14. L

    Effect of Letters from Coaches

    I was wondering if anyone could speak to the impact that letters from coaches and other faculty have in the waiver process. I was just DQ'd for asthma past the 13th birthday and started the waiver process for Army ROTC. I have been very active in several sports, (especially endurance sports)...
  15. Ant345

    ROTC scholarship test scores waiver

    If my SAT score is right below 1000 (970) is it possible to request a waiver or I am automatically disqualified? Especially if all the rest of my application is very strong?
  16. H

    AROTC Decision: Texas A&M vs VMI

    Basically the title, does anybody have any experiences of knowledge they can share with me to help me make an informed decision about where to accept my ROTC scholarship to? I appreciate your time. Thank you.
  17. USMA2026Cadet

    ROTC Nomination

    Hello all, I'm wondering what would be the best way to submit the ROTC nomination paperwork. Should I have my PMS mail the nomination form, and then I upload the service-connected form directly on the portal? Should I submit both on the portal, or should I have my PMS mail in both forms? Any...
  18. T

    Sway of Army ROTC on Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard Admissions?

    Hi all, Reading through the forums I've learned a little about how when applying for the AROTC scholarship, establishing a strong connection with the ROO or PMS at a university may have sway on the admissions process for said university. I was wondering if anyone has...
  19. R

    Air vs Army National Guard into ROTC?

    tl;dr Which Is Better? Army National Guard → Army ROTC or Air National Guard → Air Force ROTC The two main goals I have in the future are: Completing College With As Little Student Loans As Possible Commission As An Officer In The Military In Cyber/Signal I've spoken to both Air and Army...
  20. Meowspike13

    NROTC Officer Interview Advice

    Good evening y'all, I hope that everyone is doing well. I have a NROTC Officer Interview tomorrow that will be held over Zoom while I am at school. To prepare for this interview, I have a long white sleeve shirt with tie and casual/formal pants ready for the interview. I have also sent some...