1. E

    If I am planning on attending A&M University next fall, can I be in the Army ROTC without joining the Corps of Cadets?

    I want the experience and opportunities Army ROTC gives without the constraints of being in the Corps, is this possible?
  2. M

    Double Major with AFROTC?

    Hello, I'm currently an incoming freshman going to attend a four year in-state university. I have been strongly considering AFROTC but have a couple questions. I was planning on majoring in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations, and hoping to double major or minor in...
  3. S

    DoDMERB Waiver Mood Disorder

    I feel that my question may be repetitive and asked a million times but I want to ensure i'm not missing anything critical and can work out my plan b's c's etc if need be. I am currently an MSI in Army ROTC at University of Portland on a 3-year AD scholarship. Prior to arriving at UP I completed...
  4. W

    Are students selected for AFROTC scholarships at specific schools or in general, for any school?

    Hey Everyone, I thought that AFROTC offered general/universal scholarships, meaning the acceptance into ROTC was independent of the school the recipient attended (of course, the school would have to offer an AFROTC program); however, in my scholarship application, the Air Force asked me to...
  5. W

    What is an average Air Force ROTC fitness score?

    Hey Everyone, I am a decently fit guy and I have trained a bit over the last few months (nothing crazy, but a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups each day and runs periodically). I have been working specifically to improve on the Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness Assessment. What is a standard or...
  6. FØB Zero

    Ranking universities

    Hello, For AROTC I decided to rank Dartmouth as my #1 choice for uni. My #2-5 choices are state schools. Since Dartmouth is so competitive and a reach for me, if I get the AROTC scholarship, but do NOT get acceptance to my #1 school am I still obliged to apply the scholarship to that school? (In...
  7. W

    Will AFROTC allow me to double-major in one etechnical and one non-techincal major?

    Hey Everyone, I want to study economics (a non-technical major); however, I have been informed at only about 10% of scholarship students are allowed to study non-technical non-foreign language majors. One suggestion I received was to study Applied Math instead of Economics because they are very...
  8. A

    Will ROTC Decrease Merit Aid?

    To make this short and simple, I will give some context to my situation. Currently, I am a senior in high school (different schedule with online school), who will be applying to colleges later this year. I am not 100% sure that I want to join the army, but I also do not want a lot of debt...
  9. W

    Will Air Force ROTC let me major in economics?

    Hey Everyone, I am a rising senior, and I plan to apply for an AFROTC scholarship this fall. I want to study economics, but the Air Force does not recognize it as a technical major. Economics is still very heavy in math, especially calculus, so it feels technical-adjacent to me, where it isn't...
  10. ThePilot18

    Air Force ROTC: What Does it Take?

    I will be doing AFROTC once I begin college and I am wondering- what does it take? I know enough about the physical, academic, and integrity requirements, but I am talking about things other than that, such as time management, etc. If anyone has experience about AFROTC that they'd like to share...
  11. W

    Is weight a major issue for ROTC Scholarships?

    Hi Everyone, I am 5 feet and 8.5 inches tall and weigh about 133-134 lbs (although, as a bit of a late bloomer, I am still gaining height). I hope to join the AFROTC, but I also plan to apply to AROTC as well. I am looking at the weight standards for the Air Force (The Army's maximum weight is...
  12. FØB Zero

    Fitness Test

    Hello, Does anybody know what the fitness test for NROTC/AROTC/AFROTC entails? I can’t seem to find it on my app. Are all these assessments different?
  13. M

    PFA Status

    Hey there I just took my PFA for the Army ROTC Scholarship this morning and had a question about the uploading process. So obviously this morning before the test, my portal labeled the fitness test as “Sent”. Then following the submission by my test proctor through the link he was given, my...
  14. W

    How likely am I get an AFROTC scholarship?

    This fall I will be a high school senior. I am not particularly concerned about my academics, I am a little concerned about my fitness, and I am very concerned about my leadership experience. I have a 1410 on the SAT, although I am scheduled to take it again in September and I have gotten...
  15. W

    How is/are the culture/people in the Army?

    I am interested in doing Army ROTC (In part because my partial color blindness narrows my options), but I have heard some very negative things about the Army and the people in it. I have heard that they tend to be not only less intelligent but also are worse people that one wouldn't want to...
  16. W

    I have "mild" red/green color blindness; How does this limit my options for ROTC?

    I am interested in doing ROTC, but I am concerned about my "mild" red-green color blindness. My diagnosis of "mild" red-green color blindess came from an online test, not an official examination. My first choice would be Navy, but I am willing to do ROTC for any branch of the military. I have...
  17. W

    Will I get an Army ROTC Scholarship?

    Hey Everyone, I am a rising senior in high school, and I was hoping you all could give me some insight into my chances of being offered an Army ROTC Scholarship. I scored 1410 on the SAT (I plan to retake it in September. I have been scoring 1450 or so on practice tests), I have a 3.82...
  18. T

    High school Junior looking for ROTC

    Hi, I am currently a Junior in Highschool looking for a college to enroll in with an ROTC program. My main goal is to make the military my career and have thought long and hard on wanting to study Military Science. My whole life I’ve wanted to serve and am really eager for this new journey! I’ve...
  19. C

    Getting a ROTC Scholarship

    Can I get the 4 year ROTC scholarship with a 3.2 gpa ,that will go up when final grades are posted for this semester, and a 25 ACT, that I’m taking again to hopefully get a better score soon, as an upcoming senior in high school. I’m also a Varsity athlete, involved with STUCO, and I’m apart of...
  20. V

    When do I choose what ROTC Program I want to enroll in at VMI? Did I do so Accidentally Already?

    I believe that VMI sent me some admissions paperwork, and I put down my intent to enroll in Navy ROTC. However, after re-examining what I wanted to get out of my military service, my parents and I decided that I should do Army ROTC. If the paperwork that they sent me is when I locked-in my...