1. C

    Chance Me Army ROTC

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you could size up my chances for the Army ROTC scholarship. I am applying as a Political Science major and my first choice is the Hoya Batallion at Georgetown. GPA: 3.4 UW, 3.6 W SAT: 1380 Course Work: 2 APs Extracurricular Activities: - Student Body Treasurer -...
  2. V

    No decision

    So my friend just received the scholarship, we both turned our scholarships in around the same time. Is it possible that I might not receive a 4 year, or should I just wait it out?
  3. usma23apache

    No idea (well, some) what I want to do post college and rotc

    To get straight to the point, my ultimate goal in life is to be a physician. I'm in rotc with a 4 year scholarship, and I know that I could have the army pay for med school too. That would however require a much greater time commitment to the army that wouldn't begin until after residency when I...
  4. E

    ROTC and National Guard

    Hi, I am going to talk to a recruiter soon, but I was wondering if anyone knows/has done college, ROTC, and national guard simultaneously. If this is possible, would I be released from my contract as a Gaurdsman if I were to receive an appointment to USMA? If I do not receive an appointment...
  5. E

    ROTC PMS Interview

    Hello, Does the PMS interview have to be with a PMS of my #1 school or can it be from my #2 school, which is much closer to my house? Thank you.
  6. C

    Committing ED then transferring AROTC Scholarship

    I was recently deferred by my first choice school early action. I’m planning on committing to play sports for another school. The coaches can ensure that I’m admitted if commit EDII. Since I’ve already accepted the scholarship to another school, am I going to be able to transfer it relatively...
  7. K

    ADHD Waiver Help (AFROTC)

    To explain my situation. When I was younger I was diagnosed and given medication for ADHD and took that medication for a while. December of 2018 was the date of my last prescription (although I stopped taking it in like august of that year). So this month is my 2-year point of no meds. I NEVER...
  8. E

    AROTC Selection Board

    I have held off on submitting my AROTC application because my PFA scores were not where they needed to be. Now, I can only apply for the third selection board. Is this disadvantageous or is there still a chance that I will get some sort of scholarship? Should I submit all documents ASAP or can...
  9. B

    ROTC Chances

    Hi I am a high school junior who is interested in ROTC scholarships in Computer Sci or tier 1 related and I was wondering what are my odds are for any of those rotc scholarship? Freshman Year 1. BMCC Science Technology Entry Program - Robotics (100+ hours) 2. Apex for Youth Mentorship Program...
  10. K

    Applying to ROTC in Freshman Year

    I'm currently a freshman in college and I'm considering joining either AROTC or AFROTC with a scholarship, but I'm wondering about the likelihood of getting in, things I should be aware of, as well as any differences between ROTC and service academies aside from the setting at typical colleges...
  11. K

    Waived denied due to Myopia

    Today I found out that my waiver for Air Force ROTC was denied. The reasoning was my myopia. Previously, I was at USMA where I was granted a waiver for my myopia. They told my cadre that even though the Army took me before, AF has different standards for it. I was told that my physical exceeds...
  12. E

    How does ROTC work?

    I’m a senior and am finishing up my ROTC scholarship application. I was wondering, if I don’t get the AROTC scholarship, can I still sign up for ROTC in college and will I still commission as an officer? will I receive some sort of reimbursement upon completion of the ROTC program even if I am...
  13. A

    ROTC to Law School

    Hi everyone! I'm currently an MS2 contracted cadet for Army ROTC and I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the pathways I can follow in my future to become a lawyer? I'd love to go JAGC after I get my JD. Thanks so much in advance!
  14. X

    Odds of DoDMERB DQ?

    Hello, recently received remedial for asthma past 13th birthday. It wasn’t asthma, just bronchospasm after influenza. It was flagged due to doctor prescribing inhaler one time as a precaution. I never used the inhaler and it was a one time prescription. I completed a pulmonary function test and...
  15. S

    NO SAT

    Hey guys I'm in a tentative situation at the moment. I've looked at ROTC and it looks like a great opportunity. However, it looks like one of the requirements is an SAT score (for AFROTC). I have registered for the SAT on 4 separate occasions but all 4 have been cancelled. Is there any...
  16. N

    Army nurse Dodmerbs

    I am planning to join Army as a nurse but i have questions i know that you have to take physical test in order to join military. I heard some information if you take physical test at Mebs you have to wear like blue gown (a cheap paper thing with a slit on one side) and then you have to uncloth...
  17. A

    Weird text from Navy ROTC selection board, do I trust it?

    I am currently applying for the Navy ROTC scholarship and I got this weird text, has anyone else ever received a text like this before? Do I trust it?
  18. E

    If I am planning on attending A&M University next fall, can I be in the Army ROTC without joining the Corps of Cadets?

    I want the experience and opportunities Army ROTC gives without the constraints of being in the Corps, is this possible?
  19. M

    Double Major with AFROTC?

    Hello, I'm currently an incoming freshman going to attend a four year in-state university. I have been strongly considering AFROTC but have a couple questions. I was planning on majoring in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations, and hoping to double major or minor in...
  20. S

    DoDMERB Waiver Mood Disorder

    I feel that my question may be repetitive and asked a million times but I want to ensure i'm not missing anything critical and can work out my plan b's c's etc if need be. I am currently an MSI in Army ROTC at University of Portland on a 3-year AD scholarship. Prior to arriving at UP I completed...