1. F

    Scholarships based off ACT/SAT scores (and General)

    Are the type 1/2/7 based off the supscore of your testing or composite on an individual test? o_O (Applying soon here and hope it’s superscore) - Also, I was reading about the type 1 scholarship today and am wondering how competitive is this one? What percentage of applicants get each...
  2. F


    I am a HS senior and I want to fly in the military. To keep things simple I know that the Marine Corps has PLC and you can get a guaranteed aviation contract. I also know it is possible to get selected as a pilot with AFROTC. Is it possible to be in both at the same time and choose one before I...
  3. C

    PIP Test Question

    Hi, so just some background information on myself, I’ve already been offered the 3 yr advanced designee AROTC scholarship, and I am currently working through the medical process right now. I just took the optometrist exam, and I failed the PIP test pretty bad. I only got about 2 or 3 right. I...
  4. H

    ROTC to Medical School

    I am currently a high school student attempting to plan out my general career education plan. I have been interested in military service for several years now, and am also looking to have tuition paid for through programs of the US military (air force). While I am not opposed to serving some...
  5. J

    Contracting non-scholarship as MS1

    I’m prior active duty navy who’s back at school using post 9/11. Recently transferred from Navy reserve into army national guard. The way my recruiter explained, I can’t have my training split because I am prior service. But she said that if I am able to contract with ROTC, I will have the...
  6. B

    Tuition 2019-2020 Not paid by Army yet

    My daughter is a 4-year national scholarship winner. Due to the budget delays, she did not start receiving her stipend until January. It is nearly then end of February and the army has not paid her tuition for the first or second semester yet. Apparently, this is also the case for all of the...
  7. C

    SMP Cadet Transfer?

    Is it possible for an SMP cadet to transfer to another school? I will be in in the Indiana guard soon, and I plan on attending a local school for my freshman year, after which I plan to apply for the USMA. But if this doesn't work out, I'm interested to know, is it possible for me to transfer to...

    College Question

    What's an ideal major at USAFA for someone trying to become a Crime Scene Investigator?
  9. G

    Summer Schools like Air Assault Before Transferring to WP

    Hello, I am a freshman in ROTC transferring to West Point next year. I would love to go to a school like air assault this summer since I finish my 2nd semester in May and don't attend West Point till July. Has anyone ever heard of someone in my position doing a school in between? Do you have to...
  10. flyblu

    Hello! New Cadet!

    Hello, So, I wanted to update y'all of what happened to me. As some may remember or maybe none, I was asking questions about AFROTC. So, I couldn't join two years ago or last year because of academic challenges. However, I kept going and now I'm a new cadet of the Spring semester. I love the...
  11. B

    AROTC Vision/Glasses

    Hello, I am a current high school senior who was recently awarded a 3-year Advanced Designee Army ROTC scholarship, and I had a quick question regarding the eyesight portion of the DoDMERB. My prescription is -11/-13 diopters, which I know is outside of the limit of +/- 8 d. I have pretty thick...
  12. M

    Ranger challenge and color guard

    If you are a part of the color guard or ranger challenge team for one year do you get the full points for that OML? Or do you need to take part in the activities all four years to achieve the maximum number of points?
  13. B

    Chances of ROTC Scholarship?

    I'm sure a lot of people have done this, but can you give me advice as well? I'm a sophomore in high school and I plan on doing Running Start to finish high school with an AA. (Which is another thing I'm confused about, since ROTC is four years, right? How would that work?) Varsity on swim...
  14. B

    Becoming a PA through ROTC

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school interested in becoming a PA. I'm thinking about doing ROTC to pay for schooling and for job opportunities, but I'm not sure how the timeline works out. I plan on doing Running Start, so would I immediately start ROTC in my junior year of high school...
  15. E

    AROTC Board 2

    Anyone heard anything yet today? I know it is only the first day, just wondering.
  16. I

    prospects of getting regular scholarship after declining ECP?

    Hello, I was offered admission to the ECP, or early commissioning program, after the first review board. however, after looking into the military junior colleges they don’t totally tickle my fancy. I really would rather have as regular a college experience as possible, while still doing ROTC...
  17. F

    DO you think I would have time to complete the application for Air Force ROTC

    Hi, I am a first-generation kid of immigrant parents who work in technology so I don't really have a military background or really know anyone who I can ask for help. I am currently a senior in high school and was recently admitted to my dream school, Georgetown University's Walsh School of...
  18. I

    DD form 1966

    Greetings, This is my first time posting here so I'm not sure the proper protocol per se, but I've been a browser for months trying to find answers to all of my questions. I finally have a stumper. I was offered admittance and full 4 year scholarship in the ECP, or early commissioning program...
  19. S

    ROTC scholarship dropped for grades - considering enlistment

    My son is a sophomore at Norwich University on a 4 year ROTC scholarship. The first year went very well, however, he struggled with grades in his first semester of Sophomore year. So much so, that he fell below the required GPA and received a letter indicating that his semester would not be...
  20. M

    Wondering what could help boost OML

    I have a 3.8 GPA my first semester and recently received emails about honor society. I also just finished rushing into a fraternity. I know that a lot of the OML is GPA and PT based, but I was also wondering if holding a position on EC such as standards chair for the fraternity and being in...