1. R

    Air vs Army National Guard into ROTC?

    tl;dr Which Is Better? Army National Guard → Army ROTC or Air National Guard → Air Force ROTC The two main goals I have in the future are: Completing College With As Little Student Loans As Possible Commission As An Officer In The Military In Cyber/Signal I've spoken to both Air and Army...
  2. Meowspike13

    NROTC Officer Interview Advice

    Good evening y'all, I hope that everyone is doing well. I have a NROTC Officer Interview tomorrow that will be held over Zoom while I am at school. To prepare for this interview, I have a long white sleeve shirt with tie and casual/formal pants ready for the interview. I have also sent some...
  3. AcademyKid

    Thank you.

    Hey everyone, Back in April, I posted a thread on whether I should attend the Academy or do NROTC at UCLA. I received so much helpful feedback from the forum community. I ended up choosing USNA, which is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Plebe summer was tough but a blast. It’s been...
  4. K

    FTX, field equipment regulations

    I’m wondering for ROTC if cadets are allowed to wear war belts, I put away my ROTC issues FLC because the zippers, straps, and buckles are all jacked up. I brought a plate carrier and had it set up, looking pretty good right now, but I’m still trying to make the kit slim as possible since I...
  5. E

    Advice for doing well in ROTC

    Hello everyone, I am a current college freshman and my first Army ROTC PT session and MLS class are on Tuesday. I'm here looking for any possible advice on how to do well as I am applying to USMA this year as well. I applied last year, but no dice so I'm looking to do well in ROTC this semester...
  6. D

    Four-Year Scholarship awardee outside scholarship question

    If an out-of-state student in army ROTC received a four-year scholarship for arotc, are they able to receive full out-of-state tuition regardless of scholarship from other sources? For example, tuition would only cost the cadet 3k a semester after outside scholarships, but the cadet is an out of...
  7. F

    ROTC Scholarship to Academy?

    If I do accept an ROTC scholarship will I be locked in? Is it binding? Could I still go to an Academy if I get accepted to one?
  8. FØB Zero


    Who is the best leader you have had in your life and why? What qualities make him/her such a great and inspirational leader? Who is a subpar leader you have had? What qualities made them subpar/unlikeable? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  9. A

    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    Okay. So I am an out of state incoming Freshman Air Force ROTC Cadet at Virginia Tech starting this fall. VT is a Senior military college. My double major is National Security and Foreign Affairs along with Arabic. This April, I was rejected for a High School Air Force ROTC Scholarship that I...
  10. FØB Zero

    How to be Competitive in ROTC

    For class rank how does it work if one has a tier 1 major (I.e. engineering, chemistry, etc.) VS one with a major like business or economics? Since STEM majors would likely have lower grades/GPA… what if someone is double minoring/majoring? Is this taken into consideration?
  11. C

    Do I drill with new unit ?

    I’m reserves, but I recently signed an SMP contract, accepted scholarship offer, and I’m medically qualified. But my question is, the unit I signed smp contract with is a new unit.. I’m unsure about when I’m supposed to start drilling with the new unit. Am I supposed to swear in again first? I’m...
  12. FØB Zero

    ROTC v USMA summer opportunities

    Hi, i was wondering if there are summer camps/opportunities that are strictly for USMA kiddos— I.e. Camp Buckner/CFT allows ROTC cadets based on merit, correct? What about air assault, etc.? If so, how competitive is it to get selected (from ROTC)?
  13. FØB Zero

    Braces in AROTC?

    Hi, I will be doing AROTC (on 4 yr scholarship) in the fall. I plan to get braces and was wondering if and when I would be able to… I would have them only for about 12 months, but don’t want to held back from training and summer opportunities. Opinions??
  14. FØB Zero

    How to be Successful and Stand out in AROTC

    Hi, Post YOUR input/opinions/advice! What can I do as a freshman and then in the next 3 years to standout and get a good rank? Anything from character/Integrity to academics… what should be prioritized etc. And what kind of cadets are most successful?
  15. F

    USMA vs Stanford AROTC

    Simply - what are your thoughts on these two different commissioning pathways? USMA or Stanford ROTC?
  16. C

    Transfer of 3 Year National Scholarship from 2nd Brigade to 5th Brigade

    So I just recently finished my freshman year/MS1 year at Syracuse University and have decided that the school and program are not for me. I've made the decision to transfer from Syracuse to the University of Utah along with my 3 Year AROTC National Scholarship. I have already discussed the...
  17. J


    Hello all, I'm currently preparing to attend NSI and do NROTC at Boston College, but was also awarded an AFROTC foreign language major Type 2 scholarship, so ~60k a year for three years with a tuition of ~200k. Obviously, the Navy makes more sense financially (full tuition all 4 years), and I...
  18. FØB Zero

    Exchange student at academy

    I know people at academies can stay at another academy for a semester. Do ROTC cadets have an option to stay at an academy? If not, what opportunities are there to work with SA cadets/on SA campus?
  19. FØB Zero

    ROTC Scholarship - accept or reject

    I have wonderful financial aid from my university. However, I also earned the AROTC scholarship. Should I reject and give it to someone who may actually need it? In that case my service commitment would only be 3 years as well, so in the situation I would like to move to a civilian career I...
  20. C

    Maximum cost you’d be willing to spend to attend

    My dream school is VMI. I was accepted for this fall and I am dying to commit and attend. It will cost me $33,000 this year (they gave me $27,000 of financial aid) since I’m OOS. I have been waiting to hear back from the AFROTC scholarship, but of course it’s been delayed for the second time to...