1. J

    Navy Crew Questionnaire

    Hi, I am wondering if any one has completed the online recruiting questionnaire ( and actually received a confirmation that it was received by someone. It appears like I submitted but no confirmation and it has been weeks. Now I'm questioning if it was...
  2. S

    Sports at the Academies

    So, I have been thinking about it lately and I want to play a serious sport at the academy. As of right now, I play lacrosse and I run cross country (Cross Country only to get me in shape for lacrosse). However, lacrosse is probably something I can't get involved in at the Naval Academy being...
  3. W

    Rowing and NAPS

    My son is a rower and has applied for USNA and has a congressional nomination. Should he be offered a spot at NAPs and not the academy, is there a rowing option at NAPs? Or do rowers who go to NAPs row with local club programs instead?
  4. K

    Rowing and USAFA

    I am currently an underclassman in high school, and so far throughout this time, I have been pursuing crew as my main sport. I have read that there is no crew team at USAFA, which is unfortunate, because I am very interested in it. I just have a couple questions for anyone that can answer them...
  5. A

    Acceptance Chances

    I know that the admissions process is next-to impossible to quantify or predict. I'm asking anyway, because I want to hear the thoughts of people more experienced in this realm (even if they can't give me an answer). ========== I'm a junior. GPA is and has been 3.5-3.7 throughout high school. I...
  6. nomo1316

    Rowing at the USAFA

    I am a very competitive rower and I really am looking into going to the USAFA as a first choice and Naval as a second. I am aware that the USAFA does not have a rowing program or team and rowing is something I would really like to continue in college, while the Navy does have a great team...