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    Cadet dating rules

    I'm currently at usafa prep and am starting my fourth quarter, and I'm confident that I want to continue and eventually graduate from usafa. However, I've been hearing rumors around the prep school about rules that cadets must follow when dating. I'm currently dating my boyfriend of two years...
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    Didn't we teach you to exercise good judgment? Why would anyone come back to reform after winter break with a new tattoo? :director::eek2::eek3::frown: N*ot the smartest nor brightest?
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    Wearing Uniforms

    I understand it would vary from school to school and branch to branch, but I was wondering about how often does a cadet/midshipman wear a uniform on campus? And do they have the same boundary rule for wearing uniforms off campus for ROTC as they do for Service Academies? Or can ROTC cadets and...