sat/act score

  1. F

    SAT/ACT Application questions

    Will super scoring hurt my application at all? My counselor recommended that I send in fewer tests to colleges, because admissions tend to look through all the scores of all the tests. I took the SAT once and my score was low. My ACT is much better and I prefer this test. Should I still work on...
  2. N

    Very good students?

    Hi all. New to the forums as a poster. So much good info as a lurker these past couple of months, although it's made me a little obsessed! :( My DS is applying to USMA. He's a very good student. 35 ACT, probably will super score to 36 next month. Highly ranked in a top NJ public high school...
  3. J

    Class of 2024 Priorities SAT/ACT or ECA

    Hello all, I posted here in December where I was told to worry about SAT/ACT as well as CFA. I have dedicated my self to doing so, I boosted my 1130 to 1320 but my ACT is severely lacking as it only went from 26 to a 27 and when super scored a 28 (my math was pretty low) In order to change my...
  4. Fotouman

    Average SAT Scores

    The average SAT/ACT scores for West Point are fairly competitive, but they are not as high as other colleges with acceptance rates in the teens or single digits. For context... Dartmouth: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1480, ACT is 32 Duke: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1485...