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  1. V

    Minutemen Scholarship vs ROTC

    Hello! I am a rising senior and I am interested in joining the military. I want to do the AROTC but I will probably not get it because of my gpa. I read about the Minutemen scholarship and I wanted to know the answer to a couple of questions: 1. How competitive is it? I have a 3.39 gpa and...
  2. P

    Will some schools throw in Room and Board if you apply your scholarship to their school?

    I was super thankful to be awarded an ROTC scholarship last week. If I understand correctly, ROTC pays the schools that you get accepted into the full cost of tuition. So... I've heard that it makes sense for many schools to throw in room and board to get you to come to their school. Any tips on...
  3. P

    Transferring ROTC Scholarship to a Different School

    I recently received a four-year ROTC scholarship and I need to select which school I would like to apply the scholarship to. Here's my dilemma; I haven't yet visited any of my top three schools, and I'm torn on which one I would like to attend. Of course, I will submit my acceptance letter and...
  4. reedsmith224

    How are my chances of earning a 4 year AROTC with these scores?

    ACT:31 GPA:3.65 Push-ups: 40 in a min Sit-ups: 50 min a min 1 mile: 5:37 i'm also cross country captain, taken 2 AP classes, former club leader, and put in 100+ volunteer hours at the VA hospital. I'm leaving out a bunch of random extracurricular activities but I can add them later.