schools of intent

  1. B

    How does school selection work for ROTC scholarships?

    I’d like to preface this by saying I’m a rising senior who is in the process of applying to Army ROTC. I am trying to decide how to rank the schools on my list, but it’s hard to find definitive details about how the scholarships work in regards to different schools. If I list 7 schools, what...
  2. X

    ROTC Scholarship Megathread

    Hey, everyone. Since the Army ROTC scholarship is set to release results from the 2nd board around February 1st, I was thinking about doing an ROTC scholarship megathread for all branches. This way, all of the seniors applying for the ROTC scholarship can relay potentially helpful information...
  3. Tenley71

    Changing Schools of Intent on AROTC Scholarship

    DD is showing boarded/under consideration. She has visited a couple different colleges and has decided she would like to take two schools off her school of intent list and add two different ones. The portal is allowing her to do so but have read on posts from years past that some stated that...
  4. P

    AFROTC: Multiple Questions

    1. I was offered a four-year type 7 scholarship for AFROTC. I was just cleared medically for air force. I also received a four-year AROTC scholarship, which is my first choice, but I have still not been medically cleared. I have already accepted that scholarship. Can I accept the AFROTC...
  5. P

    Transferring ROTC Scholarship to a Different School

    I recently received a four-year ROTC scholarship and I need to select which school I would like to apply the scholarship to. Here's my dilemma; I haven't yet visited any of my top three schools, and I'm torn on which one I would like to attend. Of course, I will submit my acceptance letter and...
  6. losalvarez5

    re-order schools of intent

    My son is board ready for the October board, but wants to change the order of his schools of intent. I understand from searching this board that if he wants to change after he's boarded, he needs to contact cadet command. However, we were wondering if anyone knows if he can re-order them...