self prep

  1. G

    Self Prep in lieu of CGAS

    Wondering if someone can post what the CGAS curriculum is comprised of. Is there higher math, like Calc, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis? If one were to self prep I would think it would make sense to mirror the actual CGAS curriculum. A conflict I have is I have a full scholarship to...
  2. Osprey

    Improving Chances for ROTC scholarship though Self-Prep

    My DS is class of 2020 and interested in applying to USAFA as plan A. Plan B is to get AFROTC scholarship and maybe go to Norwich or another University. If neither of those happen we are looking at Northwestern Prep as self Prep followed by USAFA or ROTC (Plan C). Any info on how successful...
  3. Osprey

    Northwestern Prep and ROTC scholarship

    ....okay, I now see I’ve posted this in the wrong place. Deleting and Posting to the correct forum. Moved question to ROTC forum.
  4. SquaredAway22

    Self Prep - Generally Worthwhile or Chasing Shadows?

    As parents of DD applicant who was passed over, we are adjusting to Plan B, and wondering if we should have had a Plan C and D to choose from. Her eyes have shifted to Plan B where she will join friends this summer for tryouts, and she is excited for college. I am realizing however that the...