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    High school Junior looking for ROTC

    Hi, I am currently a Junior in Highschool looking for a college to enroll in with an ROTC program. My main goal is to make the military my career and have thought long and hard on wanting to study Military Science. My whole life I’ve wanted to serve and am really eager for this new journey! I’ve...
  2. 8

    Senior Military Schools and NSI

    Hello all, I am currently a NROTC MO scholarship holder at a senior military school. Last summer we were notified that we would be going to NSI and then later notified we would not be going. That made sense considering we would receive extremely similar training/stress-testing during our 4th...
  3. B

    VMI Regimental Band & Extracurricular Activities?

    How much time does the VMI Regimental Band take out of you're schedule?? How often are practice during a typical week and how often are there marching performances and long distance trips??? Do you have to join the Regimental Band first in order to join other musical bands like the Commander's...
  4. B

    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    What are the order of ranks in the Corps of Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute from least to greatest and what do each of the insignias look like for each rank?? I am very eager to memorize the chain of command and ranks at VMI before I matriculate this fall. Also, what is the application...
  5. C

    Insightful Video Explaining SMCs, MJCs, & ROTC

    I’ve posted this video somewhere else on this forum (please don’t ban me), but I thought I’d post it here so that it receives more traffic. Above is a very insightful video produced by none other than the US Army (hooah). The video mentions every SMC (senior military college) and MJC (military...
  6. MissO

    Ask a Knob

    One thing I vividly remember from my senior year of high school was seeking out any and all information about The Citadel that I could find... and what I found is that talking to current knobs was a good source of information. Therefore, I am opening this thread up for anyone with questions...
  7. MissO

    3rd Board Chances?

    Hello everyone. I was notified by the ROO at the college I will be attending that I was not awarded a scholarship on the 2nd board. I am working on my backup option if I am not awarded a 3 year national from the 3rd board. I understand it is impossible to tell someone if they will get a...
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    Benefits of attending a Senior Military College ROTC vs regular civilian college ROTC

    I was accepted to Norwich University and a number of civilian colleges that offer ROTC (Army). Is the leadership training offered at Norwich much 'better' than at a civilian college ROTC? I want to make the military my career and I like the fact that if you meet the satisfactory requirements...
  9. G

    Hazing severity

    i am curious of what SMC has the most/worst hazing , i am lead believe the citadel is the most brutal , however any stories or sources would be much appreciated