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    Separation to OCS

    So before I go into it, I am not looking for this to become a thread on ethics or calling me a piece of crap just looking for options and opinions on the future not the past. I will be separated in the following weeks for Aptitude. In November I committed the egregious act of DUI. I was justly...
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    Medical Separation 3 months to graduation

    I am at a loss of what to do. I have just been told that I am being medically separated from the Naval Academy, and that I will not be able to graduate or commission. It has been my dream to become a Marine Pilot, and I was selected to do so at service assignment. However, because I sought help...
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    Medical Separation

    I'm a current mid in the class of 2020. To make an extremely long story short, after a surgery in January this year I was diagnosed with a complex, chronic pain condition. I spent most of my spring semester in Walter Reed undergoing treatments and hospital stays, attending only 40 days of class...
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    Separation question

    My NC worked out and ran before r-day. Running has never been their strong suite but they worked hard at it. Based on their letters the first week was ok. But they are tired (expected) and hungry (also expected). They have suddenly started to puke during runs and falling out. Often. Is...