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    Lingering Questions Regarding Slots

    Hello all, I’m a high school senior applying to USAFA from Texas. My district is one that USAFA recruits athletes from. FYI, I am not a blue chip/recruit. Annually, there have always been 2 recruits. This year, I heard of at least 3 athletes who committed to USAFA before I even opened my...
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    Did I miss the chance to go rated?

    I'm a 300 level (Junior in college) cadet in AFROTC. I graduated field training in the top 3rd with a rated slot but ultimately told my commander that I wanted to do engineering so I didn't actually go for a rated position. As rated boards are coming out, I am regretting not going for it. While...
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    Taking Easy Classes In College to boost GPA? (higher chance of getting active duty)

    I heard some people talking about taking easy classes in college to boost your chance of getting active duty slot. GPA obviously counts the most along with your physical fitness. Should I take/do "easy" college classes/major to boost my GPA? And IF so, what classes do you recommend?