1. O

    Weight Question

    I wondering what I should do about my weight situation. I'm 205lbs, 5 feet and 11 inches which puts about 20lbs above the West Point goal but by body fat percentage in 21-22% which is close to the 20% that West Point wants or is permmissible. I wanted to take during my final year in high school...
  2. D

    AROTC Height/Weight vs Body Fat %

    I'm a high school senior and I was recently offered a 4-yr AROTC scholarship on this past board, and I know that soon I'll have to go get a medical exam and all that fun stuff. The problem is, I am technically overweight according to the Army HT/WT standards (5'11", 205 lbs), but I am well...
  3. ElectedTuna

    Being Prepared for Academy?

    Hi everyone, I've bought the USAFA candidate book and have been reading through it and had questions. I wanted to know if I am prepared, and how to prepare for the academics at the Academy. If anyone could point out my strong and weak points in my Academics and Physical Fitness then I would...
  4. MissO

    Questions about Army Scholarship Requirements

    Hey everyone! I have some questions regarding requirements for winning an Army ROTC Scholarship. They are not academic requirement questions, but rather questions based around body fat measurements and the PT Test. 1) I am in the process of losing remaining fat on my stomach area, I have about...