1. B

    Status Confusion

    I’ve already completed my exams and for a while I was under “complete and on hold” through DODMETS. I had missed a parent signature which I quickly turned in and was fixed after about a week. However, my status was still on hold since the doctor needed to do something and it was two weeks before...
  2. K

    What should I do?

    I was notified that I did not receive an appointment from USAFA. I'll be honest, I was very disappointed. This is due to me not being able to "receive my waiver". BUT here is the problem/question I have. I was notified that my waiver should be processed within 15 business days back in...
  3. G

    USCGA Medical/Application Question

    Is it normal for this academy in particular to first view applicants/candidates applications first, then decide if they want to pursue certain applicants and sub-sequentially want to look at the candidate's medical DoDMERB status? It seems like other academies look at medical status while...
  4. G

    Application Question

    How long does it generally take for the Medical status to show up on the USMMA application portal after a decision from DODMERB? i.e. DoDMERB shows a status such as "Qualified"-- When would USMMA acknowledge this on the application portal?
  5. N

    Portal status timeframe

    Hello all, I submitted my last piece of my application about 20 days ago and my status still remains blank. How long did it take for you all to be moved to hold? Thank you
  6. J

    Denial options

    I have just received the email stating my status is now denied upon grounds of qualifications. I have my dodmerb complete and my congressional nomination as well. What should I do now?
  7. P

    NROTC Status

    On my nrotc application it says my application is at CNRC for additional processing, is that a good thing? And what does that mean?
  8. sbbm9901

    DoDMERB Portal Status Question

    My DD has applied to 4/5 academies and has been given a remedial to see a Dr. for updated x-rays. We have already had the appointment and should have materials soon. However, when she went on the DoDMERB portal it shows the remedial but only for West Point, the other 3 academies show as Under...
  9. H

    "Under DoDMERB Review"

    I just created an account for DoDMERB yesterday, after USNA added my application and I entered the system. Currently, under status, it says "Under DoDMERB Review." What exactly should I do from here? I have not received any emails or correspondence of any kind. Should I just wait for now...
  10. C

    DoDMERB Status Update Unavailable

    I passed all my physical exams and qualified months ago. My status was updated and there had been no problems. However, my NROTC unit is requesting a copy of my DoDMERB completed physical exam and qualification letter. I logged in and under "View My Status", all it said was "Qualified Restricted...
  11. ktnatalk

    Veterans Benefits by States Regardless of commissioning or enlisting, states have very different policies on veterans benefits. Some are much more generous than others. Some criteria are based on the state one enters a...
  12. J

    Status of application question; Class of 2022

    I checked my application status this morning for the Air Force Academy and it says that I am competitive! I am still an applicant as I have not sent out my nominations yet. What does being "competitive" really mean?
  13. HoroshaAK

    NROTC Status

    (As always, I hope I break no rules with this post and apologies if I do.) Recently, I have seen on the general ROTC forum that applicants to scholarships are seeing different statuses on their scholarship application portal. I have seen terms such as "boarded" and wonder if these are the same...
  14. L

    Where can I check Dodmerb status ?

    On my Dodmerb portal all it says is that all basic information have been received. I received my remedial request from the recruiting director of the school, but I did not see the status changed in the portal.
  15. Potential Pilot

    Usmma status switched back from NMMI princiapl to Requested Prep

    Hello! I am a potential lacrosse recruit for Usmma. I am trying to get a spot in NMMI, and my status went from Requested Prep, to NMMI principal, and back to Requested Prep. Does anyone know what this means? I thought I was accepted because of Principal status. Any information is greatly...
  16. C

    NROTC Scholarship Notification

    Hello, I submitted my application for the NROTC scholarship back in August and the AFROTC scholarship in November. Navy is my number one choice and I truly feel like I put a lot of effort into my application. My recruiter told me that the boards meet approx. once a month and release results...
  17. R

    Status Complete-Hold

    Recently finished all of my medical exams and my status on DoDMETS has changed from incomplete to complete-hold. Is this a bad thing? And how do I deal with waivers? I checked off and explained my allergies and single-time, experimental marijuana usage. Will a waiver automatically be requested...